Just a quick question for any of you that have a polaroid camera/used polaroids for your weddings - what is the best source for film? Ebay? How much should I be anticipating spending on film - it's hard to gauge how much is too much!!

Thanks! x


  • LuchyluLuchylu Posts: 233
    I think it's quite pricey, a friend of mine who's a photgrapher has given up taking his polaroid camera to parties - he says people get really excited and steal all the photos - which cost about £1 per shot...... I've always thought depsite this, its a great idea for a wedding though x
  • Not sure if this will come off, or when your wedding is but www.the-impossible-project.com x
  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    We spent about £80 on buying about 50 shots worth of film I think (for 88 guests - the plan was to have them take the shots in their couple/group/on their own, however they were invited.)

    I can't seem to find the link for the site, but the price above will give you a guide. I think amazon ended up being reasonably competitive. I do seem to remember tho that if time is on your side, which it wasn't for us, it's cheaper to import it from the US. xxx
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