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Any ideas on wedding venues in this area when you are on a tight budget?

I have 55 - 60 guest for day and about 100 max in evening?

Any info would be great

Thanks x


  • hello, i have just moved to chelmsford and one of the girls i know work for is getting married at the golf club and she said that it is lovely - sorry i can not be more help x
  • Hiya hun,

    Fellow Chelmsford girl here! Have you looked at Shire Hall? Meant to be nice and in the middle of town so easy access? xxx
  • What sort of budget do you have, i'm getting married at Crondon Park just outside Chelmsford and it's beautiful, they do quite reasonable deals?
  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667
    have you had a look at - www.essexvenues.co.uk

  • EmMonkey, we're getting married at Crondon Park - surpirsed you said they do reasonable deals as we're paying over 3k on venue hire alond....but maybe we were unlucky on that front image

    I agree its stunning - when do you get married there?

    RuRu1 our other choices we look at around the Chelmsford area were:

    The Reid Rooms

    Pontlands Park

    Stockbrook Manor

    Good luck

  • MrsDaveMrsDave Posts: 519
    I'm in Chelmsford too. Tronski, the building at the top of the High Street is Shire Hall.

    Have you looked at some hotels? I think the South Lodge Hotel does a good deal. Not sure about the County Hotel. There's also Hylands House and the Waterfront. Maiden's Barn is very nice and reasonable. Definitely worth a look x
  • RuRu1ukRuRu1uk Posts: 107
    Thanks girls for some new ideas! I have a couple of venues booked to view on sat x
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    ooh good luck, im an honorary chelmsford bride lol, i grew up in chelmsford and only moved away from there 2 years ago now to live with h2b in kent.

    Im getting married at maidens barn in a scarily close 16 days.

    let us know how you get on with the viewings. x
  • MrsWally2BMrsWally2B Posts: 710

    We're getting married at Regiment Way next year. 67 day guests for wedding breakfast and 95 evening buffet comes in at £5000. We're having a church wedding, but believe they charge £200 for civil ceremony. Think Channels is bigger for a larger amount of guests xx
  • RuRu1,

    I am getting married at The Reid Rooms in Margaret Roding this december and its gorgeous!! I thought it was reasonable too and even more reduced for weekday weddings. If you like the country barn feel, it'll be right up your street. They offer packages as well as hire the venue on its own. everybody is lovely there.

    You should take a look, I have seen many brides on here very happy with that venue. Good luck!!

  • Just outside Chelmsford in Stock is Greenwoods Hotel & Spa. I get married there in 16 days... and the venue cost £500 on a late booking (booked it in January though!) i#ve two rooms, their library and attached boardroom - not huge but opens out onto their gardens which their most expensive room doesn't. Food's good and we picked the menu at £45 a head but they have a £30 a head menu... we've 40 people for the day and 100 people in the evening and it easily fits us - with the two rooms it would fit you - at full price the venue is only £1000
  • Jean7Jean7 Posts: 1

    Yer I am looking as well Hun 

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