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Hi Ladies

Not sure if there is another thread going or not but thought it would be a good idea to start a fresh new one so everyone can list their top cost saving ideas as suggestions for others.

My H2B and I are getting to our budget limit and were looking to really cut back.

some of mine are

1) Have larger wedding tables at your reception venue so you have not got to buy as many centre pieces

2) Have peonies instead of roses, they are loads cheaper

3) Have sparkling wine instead of Champagne for the toast

Looking forward to reading some more.



  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Instead of spending a fortune on buying really special invitations or spending a lot of time making really special invitations - why not order invitations from VistaPrint (excellent value) and make them really special yourself by adding a little ribbon in your theme colour(s) or some little embellishment to make them more customised & personal? Easier (and quite possibly cheaper) than making them from scratch and certainly a lot cheaper than buying the top of the range ones.

    Use glass nuggets on your reception tables instead of table crystals. You can get them in most colours.

    Think about dressing your bridesmaids in dresses that aren't specifically made for bridesmaids - i.e. attractive but ???????ordinary??????? dresses from the High Street in your chosen colour scheme shade. Much less expensive than bridesmaid's gowns and the bridesmaids can get good use from them afterwards too. Dressing your bridesmaids in these may even result in them offering to pay for their dresses themselves.

    Winter wedding? Save money on Bridesmaids' flowers by having them carrying lanterns rather than bouquets. These are available in places like Poundland and Poundworld in the run up to Christmas time. A door opens in the side and a tealight candle may be inserted and lit. Coloured glass nuggets as described above may be glued onto the glass panels for an attractive effect of coloured light when the candle is lit. These lanterns are beautiful at any time of the day, but especially suitable for a late afternoon wedding when it's already starting to get dark. Probably NOT suitable for young flowergirls/junior bridesmaids though.

    Want an inexpensive but attractive alternative to a ring-bearer's cushion? Buy stemmed artificial roses where the velvet covered rose flips open on a hinge and is a ring box in which you can place a wedding ring. Great if you have TWO young cousins or nephews (and you might run the risk of offending the one who DOESN'T get picked to be your ring bearer) - one can carry a rose containing the Bride's wedding ring, and one can carry the Groom's!! You can buy these rose ring boxes in Poundland after Christmas in the run-up to Valentine's Day - they usually might contain a cheap piece of costume jewellery which you can discard (or even use if it's attractive enough - it might be worn by one of your attendants or put in a goodie bag for a flowergirl!).

    Have favours that double as place markers - e.g. cookies with names piped on in icing sugar. Asda sell the ready-to-use ???????writing tubes??????? (4 colours for £1.75p) - Asda also sell the much larger tubes of white icing with different nozzles (including one for writing) for only £1.15p. Links below for recipes.

    Want to know a cheap way to get a wedding car? Check out my thread:

    Since we had a very ???????DIY??????? wedding - check out a few more of my topic theads!

    Making your own Wedding Cake?

    Or, if you prefer making a Wedding CupCake Tower:

    Wanting to make your own favour boxes?

    What about making your bridal garter or ring cushion?

    For a very tight budget, how about a personalised ceremony in your garden or the local park or someone's home? Or even as tourists at a castle, abbey, monastery or stately home (pay entry fees more cheaply as a ???????block booking??????? as you go in with your party of guests!) - this makes for GREAT photos!! You can have your own vows, any readings an music you like and include features like hand-fasting etc... (visit Register Office either before or after to make it all legal!) Get friends to each bring something along for a splendid buffet! More about it here:

    Putting your own wedding website together:

    Doing your own flowers?

    Making invitations & stationery yourself? Here are THREE threads with useful tips and ideas plus and free ClipArt up for grabs as well!

    One of the very best and most versatile wedding gift lists EVER (can include cash gifts and isn't restricted to one, single chain like Debenhams or John Lewis) and FREE to set up! Details here:

    Tips for saving money when using your mobile abroad if you're having an overseas destination wedding OR can also be used for an overseas honeymoon (vital for LONG honeymoons!)

    Online table plans:

    Hope this is helpful,

    Bamba xx

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  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    That appears to cover, er, just about everything you could possibly think of!
  • ss_ukss_uk Posts: 588
    There must be some more good ones
  • maggie22maggie22 Posts: 910
    I've subscribed to cashback website.

    You can get cashback for using ebay, new look, burton, currys etc xxxxx !!!!


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  • Ring around when you find the dress you want. I managed to save £550 doing that!
  • Simple, but effective - ask for a discount! I got £200 off my dress because I asked if there was a discount for paying up front. I've also got discounts for booking extra early, taking advantage of offers at wedding shows and getting a 10% discount for buying our wedding rings at the same place as my engagement ring.

    Pick a venue that is already very decorative - we are getting married at the House for an Art Lover which was designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh. All we are having to decorate is a few candles and two pedestals (which are then going to be converted to big bouquets to give to the mothers as thank you presents).

    Don't bother with cars. We are having the ceremony and reception at the same place and I'm getting ready there too, so there isn't a need for cars.

    Limit the number of bridesmaids you have - I'm just having my sister and that is it. Saves on flowers/dresses and all the hassle of offending friends that don't get picked when others do! Buy BMs dress from the high street - there are some lovely and very reasonably priced dresses out there.

    Ask what your friends can do for you. One of H2Bs colleagues plays in a wedding band, so we are having them and getting a good price for it. Sister's boyfriend owns a graphic design company so he is helping out with the invites. Is anyone you know a florist/good at making cakes/can alter your dress?

    Do your hair and make-up yourself. Save a fortune and get it just the way you like!

    Also worth checking with your florist what is in season as this is generally much cheaper.

    Hope some of that is of help.... xxx
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