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I feel bad...

we have around £700 left (but im sure we've forgotten something) we're excited about where else we can save cash..i got my hubby a white gold engagement rings..years before he proposed (long story) and now he says that he will just get his polished up because its a plain band and he will use that as his wedding ring so we can save a few hundred quid. Ive offered to maybe not get such a good ring but i needs to be platinum (coz my eng ring is) and id like some small diamonds on it.

I feel bad though because it means he isnt getting anything new and I am. Should we dip into the £700 or do what he suggests?


  • dont feel bad. its sweet that you care but he will probably feel bad if you dont have what you really want. everyone knows the wedding is about the bride. be pleased with your self on the budget coming in under estimate but don't worry about enjoying what you have,
  • swarbsukswarbsuk Posts: 180
    If H2B is happy and that's what he wants to do I don't think you need to feel bad, I'm sure he just wants you to be happy and how many blokes are bothered about jewellery anyway! And of course he's getting something new - a lovely new wife!! image
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