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:\)Hi everyone,

i'm new!! need some help as getting married in july and still haven't organised photographer, cars or dj (as well as a pile of other stuff but i have an idea of what i want) I've met a few photographers and the going rate seems to be approx 1500 for the day and a story book type album. does this seem reasonable? i'm guessing cos all quotes are quite similar it must be the going rate but was expecting a little less?

appreciate any opinions!



  • Thank you!

    I'm in Hertfordshire (St Albans).

  • thank you will have a look. was tempted just to book my preffered one to tick something off but will have a little shop now!

  • Hi There,

    £1500!!! Please check out this website:

    We have chosen this photographer for many reasons but we have decided on his basic package which is only £300 - that is with everything included!

    Have a look at his website - he was recomended to me by a close friend - let me know how you get on.

    Good luck!

  • I think that's pretty expensive! You can print your own storybooks on Photobox for around £40 and they look really professional. It depends on how much you have to spend I suppose but for that amount I'd want a full-day service with an album and some prints for family too. Keep shopping around! image
  • Id definately shop around. I've already booked a photographer but am now having serious wobbles. Have seen a photographer for approx the same price and their bride & groom pics are to die for. If I have my way we will be changing photographer and losing our £200 deposit. H2B is not amused
  • GemD81GemD81 Posts: 333
    I think £1500 isn't bad actually. The ones I have been looking at their packages start from £1500 up to £3500. I'dv say £1500-£2000 is about aberage these days
  • Thanks artspace, just had a quick look on the website- wow! will have a proper look tomorrow when I'm not half asleep lol.

    Thanks everyone else, have actually just called him today to say go ahead as a few others i've contacted are booked already including blessing, but not meeting til tues so still time!

  • I'm based in Essex and for a story book album we're paying £1300 xx
  • Try He's not cheap, but very reasonable and he will get you a storybook if you want one, he gives you all the images on disc

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