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help on cheap toast and welcome drink


I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice or knows of a good fizzy wine that's cheap but doesnt taste it and ideally from tesco wine as i have vouchers to use by december.

Any suggestions would really be appricated as i'm not a fizzy wine drinker and i absolutely hate champagne.



sorry forgot to add ideally rose (well pink fizz lol)

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  • I love Asti, it is cheap and tasty.
  • We had Frexenet - can't remember which one it was called but it was in a black bottle - you can buy it from Tesco and it's about £6-7 a bottle - it's a cheap alternative to champers and seemed to go down well at our wedding image

    I adore champagnebut sadly the budget just wouldn't run to it and it seemed a waste of money as alot of people actually aren't that keen! lol x
  • Mrsjwilkinson2b ...preseco is a cheap fizzy wine and i like the taste.

    check this site out its pretty good.
  • thank you was looking at the frexinet (black bottle stuff) already, H2B is off out looking for a bottle so we can try before we bulk buy.

    Sorry to be a pest but how much do i allow per person?

    or how many bottles for 50 for welcome and toast?
  • Tescos wine club are doing some very good offers on sparkling wine at the moment..its worth having a look.

  • thanks for your help H2B is off to tescos to buy some to try that i have found on tesco's wine site.

    thank you
  • We aren't even going for wine! Using Bucks Fizz which is yummy and also £2 a bottle at tesco lol xx
  • Saw this one recommended on Market Kitchen in the week, it's on special offer at the moment in Tesco's so is only £6.49 a bottle
  • JemmapukJemmapuk Posts: 581
    Tesco's Rose cava is lovely and it's only £5 a bottle if you are buying from the wine site.
  • How about Lindauer Brut? It's New Zealand champagne style sparkling white and sells for about £7 a bottle. Some of the Aussie sparkling whites are really nice too, dry and fruity and about the same price. good luck!

    We had this on offer a while back and it was nice.

    If you are having 50 guests I would allow a glass each. Going with four glasses in a bottle ish, I would say 12/13 bottles. They won't all drink it so think about whether you want all guests to have a glass given to them, or if it is poured out to those who want it!

    I had three glasses at the last wedding I went to as no one wanted any! xx
  • ooohhh I am panicing now. We have allowed for 5 bottles for the toast and we have 60 guests - My wedding planner worked out that would be more than enough for our guests as its only for a toast..
  • Mind you that doesnt include drink for the top table..we have Champagne throughtout the day and guests have wine..and Proseco for toast.
  • I think you will need more than 5 bottles! A lot of people who are driving may still want to have the toast drink, as their treat of the day! xx
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    You should allow six glasses of bubbly per bottle. We are having 60 guests and have 10 bottles of prosecco, as we can't bring in our own alcohol and the champagne at our venue is expensive.

    I would always say it is better to buy expensive cava than cheap champagne, we bought sainsbury's own cava for my daughter's christening and it was lovely, noone noticed the difference. Also, I noticed today that sainsburys is offering lanson champagne for £14 a bottle instead of £24, it's lush!
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    I too HATE the stuff,

    Tescos do the most lovely Asti!!
  • Not sure if its right for the toast, but I was thinking of having welcome drinks (after the ceremony in the garden-same place as reception!) in the form of pink and yellow lemonade!

    The old fashioned cloudy kind not the fizzy kind image my guest will get 1 glass of champers, then as we are getting married in august (hot i hope!) there will be big pitchers of cloudy lemonade and sweeter pink lemonade for guests to help themselves to.

    Nice cheap option too!

    I was also thinking of having a huge bowl of strawberries with cream on the side, with little disposable ice cream cups for people to nibble on while we have pics taken!
  • That sounds nice, I love strawberries.

    We are having mulled wine fizz and sparkling chardonay with oj after the ceremony served with mini mince pies ( getting married the week before christmas) and then champagne (Lanson) for the toasts, we are buying all our wine from marks and spencers apart from the chamapagne we have got some fab deals but every table will be getting different wine! Just what was on offer x
  • tesco's, sainsburys and morrisons have lots of wine offers on atm image worth a look image

    im thinking sangria for our welcome drink..or a summery punch. something fruity & fun image

  • hi ladies,

    not sure if anyone is still looking for a cheap sparkler, but i was shopping in sainsburys yesterday and found that their own label cava was half price.....only £5 a bottle! it's the 2007 vintage cava from spain. I bought a bottle for H2B and myself to try tonight so will hopefully update later on the taste!!!

    (to be honest, if it's just for toasting, why spend a fortune? like most of you have already said, a lot of people can't stand bubbly stuff!)

    lovevintage xx
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    dont know if i am a little late replying...but look on money saving expert for info on deals.

    we did a few weeks ago.....

    m and s were/are doing buy 6 bottles of wine/champs and get 25% off. and the cava is 2 for £10. they will let you have the 2 deals together....

    so it cost £18 for 6 bottles of very good cava - works out at £3 a bottle instead of the usual £7.

    think they are still doing the same deal. mil2b went a few times, think she has stocked up about 36 bottles for over xmas and new year

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  • wow, HoppyD that is a great deal...i'm heading over to M&S website NOW!!!

    lovevintage xx
  • We hate Champagne & Sparkling Wine too, but I love it with Creme De Cassis, plus it turns it into a lovely pinky colour & you only need a tiny amount in each glass so one bottle would probably do.
  • Asda do a really nice cava for under £4 a bottle and its reccomended by the telegraphs wine expert as one of the best cavas he's ever had!

    I got a real bargin on my fizzy drinks. Marks & Spencers do some really nice ones and if you can wait till after the new year they reduce all the bottles to get rid of them. They also do a deal where if you buy 6 bottles you get 20% off. If you can get them when that deals on theyre even cheaper! I got 24 bottles of elderflower fizz, 24 bottles of bucks fizz and 12 bottles of pomeganite fizz all for £60!

    ps the elderflower fizz is gorgeous and really nice for a spring or summer wedding.
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    m&s do a number of different champagne cocktails, bellini, kir royal, bucks fizz etc, for £2.49 a bottle, there very nice

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    My husband made a sparkling mead (honeywine) it ended up costing us about $2 a bottle to make (and a lot of waiting) he wrote about the process here:

    It was delicious, unique, and well received by our guests!

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