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Does anyone mind showing me a pic of their bouquet and how much it cost?

I have been quoted 120??????? for bridal bouguet and 50??????? each for bridesmaids.

I think that is a bit over the top personally.


  • I havent got married yet but my quote is £85 for my bouquet thats for Roses and Peonies with diamonds in the heads.

    My Bridesmaids are £45 smaller version of mine without diamonds.

    I might have to cut the prices down.....

    What type of flowers are you having? x
  • I have no idea what type of flowers all the different suggestions they have made seem to be the same!
  • Hummm.... Local and in season makes the flowers cheaper. If you have more 'green' that also brings the cost down.

    If you don't want to spend as much give them a price and see what they can do. Most florists will try and work to your budget.

    Not sure that helps?!?

    Good luck x
  • Thanks! I will see what they can offer me. I am getting married in Italy so it is difficult to work out things and see what they do. I guess i am going to be learning a lot about flowers over the next few months. x
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    This is my bouquet which was £70 and includes cymbidium orchids, calla lillies & roses.

  • My sister got married 5 years ago and her bouquet was £120 then! It was a very large tear-drop display of white and cream roses and possibly white cala lillies.

    The cost depends on the size and number of flowers, the type of flowers and whether they are in season or not. Tulips are cheap but not in September. image Orchids and lillies are more expensive flowers but they can create and impact with less.

    I like those cymbidium orchids in the bouquet. I'm thinking of having my centre pieces as a tall cylindrical vase with a length of cymbidium orchids submurged with a floating candle on top.
  • Hi i am having Bridal red rose posy, 4x bridesmaid posies (ivory), round silver wired pomander for petals (flowergirl, 2x corsages and 4x buttonholes all for £150. My florist works from home as she has small children, and can keep her costs down because she has NO overheads!

    If you live in KENT i can give you her phone number! PM me x
  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    where do you live, i may be able to help you?
  • Leeb2b are you using Bespoke Floral Designs by any chance?

    I am in Maidstone and thats who I am using, the lady came over to my house and did a consultation with me and is doing my chair covers too. I am having the following for £795 which includes set up and delivery -

    Bridal Bouquet - To be a hand tied style bouquet and to contain flowers such as ivory/cream avalanche roses, freesia, lissinathus and a selection of foliages such as salal, ruscus and rosemary. Stems bound 3/4 way with light blue organza ribbon and pearl pinned for overall effect.

    2 x Bridesmaids - To be a hand tied posy bouquet- Each to be a smaller version of the bridal bouquet.

    2 x Flower Girls - Each to be a silver ornate silver wand with a light blue organza bow attached to each.

    3 x Buttonholes (Groom, Best Man,father of bride)

    Each to be a ivory /cream avalanche rose with complimentary foliage.

    2 x Corsages for mums- Each to be neutral in colour and to contain flowers such as small bud roses, veronica and lissianthus.Small spray pearls added for overall effect.

    Top Table

    A floral arrangement placed in the middle of the top table, with a selection of foliages and flowers such as roses,spray carnations, lissianthus,freesia and veronica.

    Bay Trees

    4 x Artifical Bay Trees- Each to be placed into a terrecotta pot , dressed with moss. Each tree to have entwined inside the foliage LED battery operated fairy lights and a light blue organza bow at the front of each tree.

    13 x Table Decorations; A very stylish Grande Martini Vase (25.5cm) placed on a round mirror plate.Wrapped around inside of vase a light blue spiders web fabric, a dome shape arrangement using a selection of foliages and flowers such as roses, lissianthus, veronica and freesia. Diamantes scattered over every table. 2 x Floralytes added to each arrangement for overall effect.

    130 x Banquet / Spandex Banquet Chair Covers

    130 x Light Blue Organza Sashes

    It still seems like a lot of money to me but I never really buy flowers and I know it will be worth it and it was miles cheaper than anyone else I found! image

  • We haven't got married yet but we are paying £50 for bridesmaids x 2 and my bouquet as well as flowers for our marquee and £45 for buttonholes and corsages, the bouquet flowers are from a wholesaler and the buttonholes from our local florist.....however I was quoted initially £80 for bridal bouquet and £50 for bridesmaids with venue flowers coming in at £400 hence why I decided to get my flowers from a wholesaler. xx
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