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Hi there

Thanks very much for giving me the website address for sitting pretty i have emailed them and awaiting a quote from them. Do they have a contact number as couldnt find one on the website, If not are they easy to contact via email and do they reply to you straightaway. Have you had any problems with them at all?

Are the sashes in satin or organza.

Think it looks like we will also be changing our mind and going with them as will save nearly £300 by doing so which will come in handy.

Can you tell me are the chairs at beamish hall round or square tops. Im thinking round but cant remember from the last time i was there.

Does the price also include VAT.

Sorry for all the questions.

Good luck and let me know how your big day goes.



  • JnutmanJnutman Posts: 561
    Hi there

    Forget the question about contact number have found it on website and also that the sashes are organza.

    Wasnt fully awake when on website this morning haha.

    Thank very much.

  • So sorry I haven't got back to you sooner, i've only just seen your post as I haven't been on for a few days.

    Did you manage to get a quote from Sitting Pretty? I've had a look back at some pictures we took at the wedding fair at Beamish Hall to see if I could see the chairs and from what I can see they are more round at the top. Sitting Pretty said that they will liase with Beamish direct for chair measurements etc which will save us a job! The price does included VAT and another good thing about them is that they only require £50 deposit, some companies were wanting 50% upfront! We are going to go for satin sashes so what they said to do was send a sample of our colour/fabric and they will match this up for me. Really happy with the service so far - i'll keep you posted. How are your plans going? Are you having your cermoney at Beamish Hall too? It probably seems like ages away for you at the moment but believe me the last 6 months have flown by - i'm sure once you get past the summer it will be here before you know it! So excitedimage
  • PS I hope i've managed to answer your questions but if there's anything i've missed or you have any more just ask.....i promise i'll keep checking for updates!
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