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Are there any GTL's left? What did we get for Christmas?

Hi Ladies

Well I'm married now and so I have not been on here very often, probably missed out on all the wedding reports etc.

Are there any original GTL's still on here?

I hope you enjoyed Christmas... What lovely gifts did we receive this year?

Lots of Love

Mrs RK



  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Me, me, me!

    I got a shiny new Husband!! (and a gorgeous Diamond necklace, but that was actually a wedding present)

    How about you, RK?

  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    Hi Girls!

    I got a rather lovely Coach bag from my lovely Husband! (Bought it in NY earlier in the month)

    Other lovely things... The Hummingbird bakery cook book, some badlash (benefit) mascara and buxom (bare essenctuals) plumping lipgloss, eve lom rescue mask.

  • FAB pressies! You've got me thinking about anniversary presents. I could do with a nice bag and some diamonds!

    All three of us our first married Christmas's!

    We tried to do token Christmas gifts this year as we are putting a large chunk of money in our savings account when he gets it back of the tax man. (how grown up!)

    I got some purple knee high suede boots from the Mr and an outfit to go with them. PLUS I convinced him I needed a beautiful cream and black corset. I got him a docking station for his iphone.

    And my Dad bless him got me a passport. We are getting closer to moving to Aussie so trying to not accumulate "things". I have been stuck in England since it ran out a year ago and I then didnt get round t sorting it out, Mainly because I hate filling in forms.

    My step mum was very sweet and had kept the sugar flowers that decorated the wedding cake for me and wrapped them all in tissue paper in a keepsake box.

    One of my darling brothers got me oven gloves as I burn myself ALL the time on the grill.

    How is married life treating you both? Has it changed things for you?


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