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ladies - its your fault!!

i am blaming each and every one of you for my newly aquired addiction to SHOES!

until i joined this forum i was never really bothered about my shoes and would always 'make do'. now however after seeing so many beautiful shoes on here i am officially addicted to buying them. i've been to the sales today not really intending on buying much but 'just had to have' 2 pairs of boots and a pair of shoes.

when my other half now asks why i need so many i blame you lot!



  • HallyWifeyHallyWifey Posts: 2,181
    welcome to Shoeholics Anonymous

    My name is Hally and I'm addicted to shoes!
  • My name is Layla and I've had a shoe addiction for as long as I can remember...I've been thinking about trying to get help but really don't want to give them up because I LOVE LOVE LOVE SHOES.....another pair 'arrived' today and there's another pair on the way.oh well!!x
  • Quit moaning and show us some pics!!! Lol image

    I love a good shoe splurge! x
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