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Honeymoon destinations - any suggestions?

H2B and I are trying to decide. We want something exotic. Neither of us have been away for many years so we want this to be a special one - somewhere where you wouldnt necessarily go on a regular holiday!

Can anyone offer any suggestions? The only place we have ever been to together was Greece!



  • We are planning to go to the Maldives. I read a wedding report on this site somewhere, where they went to the Maldives for their honeymoon and the pictures were so breathtaking I was smitten!!

    Originally we were planning to go to America, but those wedding report pics changed our minds. It looks fantasticly romantic!!
  • willsgalwillsgal Posts: 419
    We're thinking of Cuba at the moment - it's got amazing beaches and all inclusive resorts, and Havana is supposed to be such an amazing pastiche of different cultures...

  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    Hi brideinlove - We have booked to go to India. We are going to do some touring in the first week....Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur and then off to Goa for a week on the beach....We are not the best at sitting on a beach for two weeks so both thought this was a really exciting trip. xx
  • India is a great idea. Hadn't thought of that.

    We are planning on going to Argentina - end of Sept/beginning October - Buenos Aires and Patagonia.

    Probably depends on what time of year you want to go and what you want out of it.

  • Hi

    We are going to China and I am very excited about it!

    The other ideas above are good too- Maldives is amazing and a more relaxing kind of holiday, whereas India is more active and it involves more walking- it depends what you are after.

    I have been to the Far East quite a lot and would highly recommend Malaysia- specially a little island called Langkawi which is absolutely beautiful. You could combine the trip with a few days in Kuala Lumpur (capital) and then end it in the Island.

    Sri Lanka is also a lovely option (however check the weather as it does have monsoon season)- I have done a 7 day escorted private tour which was very nice and we got to see a lot. Then you can end it on the beach too.

    Other options could be South Africa or South America- but it all depends on your budget as these can be very expensive!

    I am very keen to go to Kenya and do a Safari which is something I have not done yet. Some people do it for a few days then end the holiday on the beach which I am sure will be lovely too x
  • we arent long back from ours in the maldives. we are big travellers and have been to many places and i have to admit we have never been anywhere more beautiful or romantic than the maldives. the sea and the sand and the privacy are amazing. the perfect honeymoon location!!!

  • Thanks for the suggestions - I will start having a look online with H2B. We will be going in May/ June so although I would love the Maldives I dont think thats the right time to go to the Maldives is it?

    Thanks again ! x
  • Venezuala for off the beaten track romance - rainforests, Orinoco and Angel Falls, combined with Beach rest on the Isle of Margerita.

    Sri Lanks - tour followed by chill out at Taj Exotica in Bentota

    Bali - hubby and I were there Sept 09 and loved it.

    We drove round ourselves and really got down with the locals, and saw more than the beaches.

    Our own Honeymoon was a bit crazy.

    We started with Cattle Ranching in Arizona - followed by 2 weeks in Hawaii (Oahu) - after 9 days in isolation it was nice to get into the cityscape of Waikiki for a while before we retreated to the paradise shores of the North Shore.

    We're returning the ranch for our 2nd anniv. Can't wait - and it will be n ITV Valentines Day this year. Martin Clunes has been filming there!! Random.

    Have fun choosing. It will be an amazing trip wherver you go x
  • hsavoryhsavory Posts: 1,971
    We're going to India for 5 weeks, starting in Mumbai then touring through Rajastan and up to Agra, Delhi, Simla and then trekking in Utturanchal for 10 days. Wooo!
  • 5 weeks - wow Littlered .... bet you'll be gagging for some bland meat and two veg meals by the time you get back!!image

    I'm a korma girls but Sri Lanka upped my spice tollerance a bit.

  • We have just returned from ours - Thailand and Dubai.

    Can totally recommend Khao Lak, it was really lovely but I think if you haven't been to the Maldives you must must must go! We went in 2008 which is why we chose somewhere different for our honeymoon. But once you have been to the Maldives there is no ocean in the world that can compare!! I judge everywhere we go on that one trip!!!

    x x
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    We're going to the Cook Islands, NZ and Hong Kong, for 3 weeks. We wanted a bit of tropical beach but also the opportunity to explore and sightsee. x
  • Im still undecided but think I will be going to French Polynesia for 10 days with 3 days in Bev Hills.
  • LadylawLadylaw Posts: 368
    Hi Brideinlove

    We went to the Maldives in June a few years back and we got 1 week of solid rain and i don't just mean a light shower! The end of May until early oct is the monsoon season there so i really wouldn't recommend it as there isn't much else to do when it does rain.

    Like Pink Princess, there really isn't anywhere else like it and we compare everything to that holiday as well. You will prob get it cheaper if you are prepared to take the risk, you never know you might be lucky with the weather!

    Have you looked at the Seychelles for June? meant to be good then.
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    We are getting married in September and we really wanted to go somewhere in the Caribbean but we don't want to risk it as it's hurricane season. After searching high and low for where's hot with little or no rain to go in September (that we haven't already been) Egypt and Bali were our best options so we're going to Egypt for 10 days after the wedding and we'll do leg 2 of our honeymoon next year April in the Caribbean.
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Hey Brideinlove,

    Have you thought about Mauritius? It is uber exotic, and there is plenty to do other than lying on a beach (but there is plenty of that to do as well!)

    May-ish is in the winter there, so will be dry and cool (about 25 degrees). If you go to The Touessrok (where we stayed) or the Four Seasons, they both have their own private islands which are just so beautiful - proper white sand/turquoise sea paradise, but there are also lots of temples etc to visit too...

    It is a very easy journey too, Virgin do a great daytime flight and there is only a 3 hour time difference with the UK so very do-able.

    I know it is a mundane point, but wherever you go, I would think very carefully about jetlag. The general wisdom is that it will take you about a day to recover each hour of time difference. So for example, a 7 day trip to Bora Bora just won't be worth doing. Even if you head to the west coast of the USA, you can just write off the first 3 days or so of the trip as you will be falling asleep in your dinner and the next few won't exactly be much fun either.

    TMI Alert, but 'flying west' jetlag isn't exactly conducive to *ahem* Honeymoon Activities either. The Maldives is great for that though, as the 'flying east' time difference means you will be wide awake after dinner, so you and your new Husband can have all sorts of fun playing scrabble or indeed monopoly together ;\). Just a thought!

    Hope you have a faaaaabulous time!

  • hsavoryhsavory Posts: 1,971
    Nah Charleygirl, I love all things spicy! Can't WAIT for all the yummy street food...
  • We are going to Las Vegas and then Hawaii (Honolulu and then Maui) for three weeks.

  • Hey SQ

    "The general wisdom is that it will take you about a day to recover each hour of time difference. So for example, a 7 day trip to Bora Bora just won't be worth doing"

    Will 10days be ok, eek!
  • kmhukkmhuk Posts: 209
    Jet lag can be difficult but there are ways of managing it.

    Resist resist resist that temptation for a late afternoon nap for the first few days and go out for a walk, keep out in the fresh air, keep going and just go to bed early (nudge nudge wink wink). Get your body used to the new timezone as quickly as possible and hopefully you won't find it too much of an issue.

    We're off to California for our honeymoon in May and are very fortunate to be flying business class as I have shedloads of airmiles (travel lots with work hence tips with jet lag!) - business class does make a very real difference imho.

    K xx
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Actually, I find that the opposite works for me Karen!

    On the West Coast, I find the best answer is to have an afternoon nap - it seems to keep me awake later in the evening.

    My top tip is to take a couple of Nytol or similar once do go to bed, you won't need them to drop off, but they will stop you waking up at 2.30 am (on the same note, make sure you turn your phone off or onto silent, there is nothing more irritating than being woken up by someone calling/texting you!)

    If you can. get as much sleep on the flight out, then try not to sleep on the way back - it's a bit painful, but you'll get back into the UK swing of things a lot quicker if you can manage it!

    Where are you going for your HM Karen? I love California, I'm sure you'll have a lovely time!


  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    PS Coco, I'm sure you will be fine, are you doing the 3 days in LA on the way out there? That would probably make it easier for you.

    It has to be said, the more often I do this trip (to California) the worse my jetlag is getting, the last few times have been really bad - I'm actually just back from Vegas and had tickets for a Cirque du Soleil show that we just sacked off in the end as we were both falling asleep.

    We are off to Bora Bora in August (after we couldn't go last year - grrr). We have an apartment in California, so will be staying there for a few days first to acclimatise.

    The thing is, French Polynesia is just so expensive, it would really irritate me being half asleep for the first few days.

    I have tried to acclimatise myself before I go places, so for the West Coast, staying up as late as I possibly can, then sleeping in in the mornings. This does help a bit, but sadly, not really going to work if you have to get up for work etc...etc...

    If all else fails, a strong black coffee usually keeps me going for at least a couple of hours!


  • Hi Brideinlove!

    Not too sure how long you want to go on your honeymoon for or your budget or what you liked doing and lots of the places i wanted to suggest have already been mentioned... but to cover small or BIG budgets long or short time periods and if you're super relaxed or crazily hyper...

    Sri-lanka, is gorgeous, but watch out for monsoon season. You can stay in an incredible hotel or tour around and stay in little guest houses. (Taj exotica is a lovely hotel) There is so much to see and do - elephant rides and turtle sanctuarys. I didn't struggle with jetlag, but did struggle with the plane journey out (not the greatest plane) also not sure of the political climate at the moment but while we were there they were dropping hand grenades on the airport - not for the faint hearted.

    Malaysia/Singapore - incredible!! singapore allows you to experience the eastern culture without coming out of your comfort zone and is a great introduction before heading off into Malaysia A singapore sling and the raffles hotel is a must.. Def stop in KL its so cool to see the KL tower. There are bits of Malayisa that are stunning, but on the whole, unless you're used to that kind of environment you might be put off by the sights/smells that go with MY (in comparison to somewhere like the Maldives for example its dirty and SO smelly)

    Indonesia, again in the complexes its beautiful, but if you want to see real Bali/ Lombok you need to stay outside of the Big hotels in little house stays. The most beautiful place i have ever been is a collection of 3 tiny islands off of Lombok called the Gilli isles - its literally paradise (google for more info) We swam with turtles every day, baracuda, huge fish, octopus all not even 10 feet from the shore! Definately worth checking out for somewhere stunning (and different) - its worth the trip

    Australia.... i prefer the west coast to the east coast. The west coast is hardly habited in comparison and has some of the best places i have ever been in the world. Wineries, sunshine and friendly people. Jetlag isn't too bad if you fly into Perth rather than flying to the east coast. We hired campervans and drove up the west coast and ended up living in Australia for a year!in a place called Margaret river - you must check it out if you go there.

    NZ, to be honest, i am living here right now and for me its just too similar to England to warrant spending my honeymoon here if you want to get away from the UK. Its really cool, but not worth the journey just for a few weeks honeymoon.

    South America - only done Brazil but its definately somewhere we want to go back to, beautiful scenerey.

    Africa... think this would be my choice. As have only driven around northern Africa and want to go to SA.

    For my honeymoon - we are going camping in the UK!!!!! by the time we get back we will of been travelling for over 3 years and only arrive back 1 week before the wedding.

    Hope the honeymoon suggestions helped - email me if you want more info about the Gilli isles - they're honestly paradise!


  • I am going on honeymoon in June to the Seychelles for beach, and then Kenya for safari.

    Other places we considered with good weather in June were: Bali/Lombok, Bora Bora, California, Hawaii.

  • Hey SQ

    Yes think we will do LA first. Too be honest I normally sleep like a baby on flights (largely aided by medicinal products & alcohol) so fingers crossed i will be fine. Lucky you with a place in California, I'm v.jealous!!

    I cannot belive you missed Cirque, bad times! You will have to update me about Bora Bora in Aug. Speaking of the cost thats the only thing that Im unsure of. I could have 3 amazing holidays but then its so beautiful. Its a tough one. xx
  • Hi Coco2010 - I'm fine when I fly TO the west Coast but coming back I am done for. Once back in London no matter what I do, my jet lag takes over for about 3 days image x
  • MissMilneMissMilne Posts: 1,101
    We went to the Cook Islands, Aus and Hong Kong, for 4 weeks. Loved every day of it. X
  • kmhukkmhuk Posts: 209
    Hi SQ

    Its so strange how we all get affected differently isn't it? I'm off to Orange County for a 3 day meeting at the start of March, flying in the night before and out directly afterward so it's going to need to be ProPlus for me I think!!!!

    Honeymoon wise, we're flying into SF, picking up the car then straight down to Carmel for 3 nights, Pismo Beach/SLO for 2, LA for 3, Palm Springs for 3 (H2B is bigtime golfer) and flying back to SF for 3 nights. I've done very little recreational travelling in California, normally fly in and out for work only so I'm looking forward to it a lot! Just keeping it quiet from my colleagues so they don't ask me to 'pop' in to the office for a f2f when I'm there lol.

    Any hints and tips or must do's in the locations noted that you can share?

    K x
  • Chubbs that's the trip we did last year!! You'll need a few weeks in Goa to chill out at the end trust me! India gets into your heart, once you've been there you will dream of returning. The people are amazing. It's a wonderful country. Under rated by most, but not me.

    How about Koh Phangan? Boracay? Koh Tao? Kerala (south India) Langkawi? Bali?

    Depends what sort of traveller you are I guess, if you love a package holiday then Cuba and the Carribbean are for you, go off the beaten track and stay in a boutique hotel in Thailand or Malaysia and save yourself a ton of money!

    Hope you have fun choosing x
  • bridiebirdbridiebird Posts: 1,385
    I cannot recommend Bali highly enough! We went there for our honeymoon and we loved it. Went with Turquoise, who I have now noticed are advertising on the homepage.

    Stayed in Kayamanis (sp?) in Jimboran - utter luxury.

    If you want to talk more feel free to PM me.

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