had anone used WeddingVideos4U

Hi got a cracking deal with WeddingVideos4U and was wonderingif anyone else had used them?



  • I actually found him on ebay , I asked for coverage of ceremony upto and first dance , I dont want any extras on the film just to be filmed and blurs edited £300 s what he asked and i think that was such a god deal. I never thought we would have been able to get our day filmed xx
  • I originally contacted weddingvideos4u when the Videographer for my wedding was not willing to put in the effort to make an appointment with me and cancelled a few times.

    John completely understood and was there every step of the way. Throughout the wedding he captured everything, the equipment he uses and team that he has is top of the range. My wife and I recieved the DVD back and we were speechless, you could tell that John had spent so much time putting the video together.

    I know this an old post but just wanted to say that weddignvideos4u are a great company to use
  • Can I ask how much you paid for yours Catherine? What did they film/how long were they there for? At the moment we've not budgetted for a video but just found out my grandmother isn't going the be able to make it so would like a video to show her.
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