Wedding cake decorations ( flowers)

I am buying a three tier wedding cake from marks and spencers, as it is £49 and in sponge and fruit, this is perfect as not many people eat cake and I cannot justify spending hundreds of pounds on a wedding cake when I get more food, drinks and entertainment for that!

However the cake needs decorating, I am getting a personalised cake topper of me and the hubby to be, but I would love flowers on the other two tiers, I have been looking online for cake decorations and I just cannot find any!!



  • OunapoohOunapooh Posts: 52
    Hobbycraft sell lots of bits and pieces for cakes.
  • MrsSomshor2BMrsSomshor2B Posts: 320
    I am also getting the Marks & Spencer's cake I was just going to get my florist to do something for it, but in beginning to think that might be quite expensive. I had just wanted fresh flowers possible roses packed in between the layers but maybe im going OTT. Do you know if the cake layers can sit on top of each other without the pillars?
  • MrsSomshor2BMrsSomshor2B Posts: 320
    Hi just found these I quite like it and at least the can be eaten after

  • mscott012mscott012 Posts: 397
    There are tons of online shops selling ready made flowers ... try Jane Asher or Squires Kitchen....they are pretty reasonable and ive bought from both places and the service/shipping is excellent ...
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    HI Mrs Somshor2B

    I think that the 3 tier cakes from M&S would need the pillar as it might be quite difficult to stack them without. Just to let you know that M&S are doing as new range of wedding cakes from the end of May and I think that they have a 3 tier stacked cake (I saw it in the latest M&S catclogue in store)
  • MrsSomshor2BMrsSomshor2B Posts: 320
    Thanks tt25777 I will pop in tonight and pick one up
  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
    oh - will have to keep a look out on their website - thanks!x
  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    Thanks for the reply ladies! MrsSomshor2B, I am like you, I wanted to pack the cake out with flowers but there is no point getting a cheap cake if we spend a fortune on flowers.

    I have found some new sugar flowers, in large here:

    Perfect colour for me as I am having a winter wedding, not sure if the colours are big enough!!

    I did check the other sites but it is all very small flowers.

    I am having these toppers, as we get to keep them forever!

    Heidi xx
  • TrishcukTrishcuk Posts: 19
    Most cake decorating shops should sell sugar flowers - they are very fragile, so they must be well packaged when being posted. You could also try - Design a cake, a piece of cake at Thames, Squires Group, Almond art.......all these sell sugar flowers. HTH, Trish.
  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    Sounds like there is no point going for the sugar flowers since they will probably break as they need to go to my house and then onto the boat....I will have to get some fake flowers,christmas style since my wedding is in December.

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies.

    Heidi xx
  • NomukNomuk Posts: 13
    You should go to your local cake decorating suppliers, they have sugar roses already made up in different colours, probably what the cake people do anyway. They are inexpensive also. If you go onto you can order large roses for £1.40 made out of sugarpaste by the proffesionals. hope this helps x
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