What cars is everyone having (feel free to add pics)

My next job is to book the wedding car. I know nothing about cars (or their names) so would love to see what everyone else is having. Please post pics if you have.



  • My next job is to book the wedding car. I know nothing about cars (or their names) so would love to see what everyone else is having. Please post pics if you have.

  • Hey: ) You're the same as me, I have no clue at all! I told h2b his only job for the Wedding (apart from turning up on the day!) was to book my bridal car! He works in Formula 1 so I thought this would be easy for him, but apparently not...it's taken him ages!lol After contacting lots of companies fir quotes & availability I think we've decided on a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, I would post a pic but have no idea how to!lol We have found them in silver & black so just trying to decide between the 2. I sat in one on Sunday, they really are the height of luxury! Gorgeous inside & I have quite a long journey so it's good as there's plenty of room in there for my big dress: ) Good luck in ur car hunt x
  • I'm having a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - ivory colour - for me and my dad, and then a Daimler limousine for my bridesmaids and my mum, in the same colour.

    Haven't figured out how to upload pics but if you put it into google images you'll see it

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    Don't know if above video will work however below is a pic. It is navy blue and I have always always wanted one!

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    just had to share these... gave me a giggle! (but not the cars we are going for)

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    Think these are our favs at the moment.

    for my h2b;

    for me;

  • I'm having this:

    Decision was easy though as it is my father in law 2 be's wedding car business!
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    andrea2224 they are amazing!!xx

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    thank you... oh which ones did you mean!?
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    I'm having these cars:

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    Also having this for the groomsmen:

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    im having a horse n carriage.
  • Andrea i love those his and hers smart cars! Are they actual rentable from somewhere??

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    I'm going for a less classical look (although the classic cars are beautiful).

    Here's mine:

    (Hope the pic works - my first time!)

  • we are having a proper boys toy.... image

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    This is one thing I had no say in. In fact I think H2B is only getting married so he can go in a Rolls Phantom.. LOL


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  • i'm having a white vw beetle for me and my son (hes giving me away) and a splitty camper for my bridesmaid (theres 6) and my own light green vw beetle for my 3 pageboys
  • We're having a Bentley S1 and Bentley R in grey over black....

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4359616320/

    (hopefully the link will work!!) xx
  • Im turning up in this.

    Ridiculous I know! It is my h2b's car (goodness knows why) so I'm turning up in it as a surprise with pick ribbons stuck all over it! Can't wait to see his face!!!

  • Loving all the cars, they are all so different.

    Ursa - what car is the one you have? I love it x
  • No idea. Will have to wing it I think. I'd like a classic but they ain't cheap back home so will probably borrow someone's car and ask a friend to drive it.
  • I can not make my mind up about this at all. I don't want anything too vintagey and go back and forth about it. At the moment, am swaying towards a white London cab, seeing as I'm a Londoner and am getting married in Greenwich. x
  • Hi all

    Some fab cars on here.

    My H2B is having this Rolls Royce Phantom:

    I am staying at the venue so don't need a car but will have pic's with the phantom & this car


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    I am having a white dalamier (Sp?). Then we re going to the reception with some of the guests in a local vintage bus!
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    I think we are being a bit 'over the top' with 2 cars. Our hotel is on the edge of the estate grounds where we are getting married so its only a one-way 5 min car journey. but h2b really wants the 2 cars as he thinks they'll make great photos... Im being the sensible one on this occasion!!
  • We're having a Daimler ds420 limousine in claret red and I love it!
  • We're having a Humber Pullman Limousine -http://bowfieldhire.co.uk/humber-pullman-limousine.html

    And a old red double decker bus to take all the guests to the church and back to the hotel!

  • Oooh glad you posted this coco2010 this is the next job on my list and there is so much choice! Loving everyones cars x
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