Flower girl dress- white or ivory?!

I just wondered what you ladies thought. My dress is off white (not at all yellow or ivory). Adult BM's in antique rose. Should I put my four little ones in white or ivory? My mum says white, as ivory will clash with my dress,

Advice pls! x


  • mrsgornallmrsgornall Posts: 507

    My dress is a light ivory and I have chosen some ivory flowergirl dresses to match. Have you tried taking a swatch of your dress fabric long to BHS, Debehams or wherever you plan to buy your FG dresses from and see which is the best match? xx
  • flonobleflonoble Posts: 218
    I posted about this a while back... was in the same situation. I have an ivory dress and was wondering if ivory flower girls would be too much - but from the adivce on here, am going for ivory ones...

    Swatches are a really good idea... although white might seem very "bright" against your dress and the BM's... Ivory could clash... best to try and get samples together and see what they look like - if you do, try and look in natural light, as it will look different in the crap lights most shops have!!

    Also - are there no off white flower girls dresses?

    Flo xx
  • HallyWifeyHallyWifey Posts: 2,181
    I had an 'ivory' dress and flower girls were in 'ivory' but it was more off white than ivory. Have a look at some of the dresses, especially on the high street as some of them are more off white than they are ivory x
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    Hello, my dress is 'off white' too, but when I saw some flowergirls dresses I liked, the white version was too white. So I've opted for the ivory, it suits their colourings better and isn't that far off the colour of my dress. Have you picked any dresses for them yet, is there any chance you could match them with a swatch of your dress and see?
  • Hi, its depends on your wedding theme but ivory and white quite similar i think ivory is looks perfect! my opinion with ivory flower girl dress image

  • Hi, I have had the same tough choice between white and ivory. I bought a really nice dress from www.rococlothing.co.uk for my little girl the dress was like £20, they have loads of options for flower girl dresses. Hope this was helpful! 

  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    whitee.... agree with your mother

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