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Hi all

Many of you have probably come across the Fire Your Wedding Planner site through googling 'wedding' and other bride related words! In case not, thought I would post the link. I haven't signed up for the full newsletter (you have to pay and I'm trying to save money!) but I get the free advice emails sent to my inbox each week.

The site is American and so isn't always of great use, but occasionally some tips have come along that make you think about how to get the best deals, as well as giving examples of how to haggle. For instance, I quite liked the last tip I got about always try to speak directly to the manager of any business you are dealing with, as the manager is more likely to be able to negotiate discounts than other staff.

If anything, I find it a good reminder each week that WE are the customers spending money and shouldn't fall into the trap that venues and retailers are doing us a favour by selling us things for our weddings, often at hugely inflated prices just because we mention the 'W' word. I used to be a bit crap at asking for discounts, but am getting better and find that it can really pay off.

Anyway, if you're interested - here is the link:

Anyone signed up for the whole thing and, if so, is it worth it?!
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