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Flowers?? Fresh or fake?

I took a trip to one of the florists in my area and spoke with the owner who gave me a pretty good price for a simple bouquet of fresh ivory roses. I have since had a quote through the post from the same florist but with a completley different price it has actually doubled!

It has got me thinking about how much we really are being ripped off by florists just because it is for a wedding. I then thought about doing my own flowers and taking a trip to the local flower market but do I really want to do this the day before the wedding? hmmm I just dont know.

So now I am thinking about artificial flowers, I have ordered some online for my flower girls and I am pretty impressed with how they have turned out.

The wedding is at a Registry Office and then onto a Mansion House after so it is only my bouquet that we need flowers for!

ooooh what do you ladies think?? :\?


  • gemima1gemima1 Posts: 218
    i've got silk flowers, they look lovely. i couldnt afford or be faffed with arranging fresh flowers when i could just buy them, know they look right and just cross it off the list.
  • Yes this is what I am starting to think, I like to be organised and if I get artificial flowers then I know I have them and they are done. One less thing to worry about!
  • WeddingMonsterWeddingMonster Posts: 2,098
    We're having artificial flowers from blooming gorgeous. We saw her at the national wedding show and seriouly you canot tell that they are fake. There were some people actually sniffing them and aying how lovely they were thinking that they were real flowers LOL.

    I cant wait to get my bouquet and then after the wedding they wll make beautiful flower decorations in the house and can take them on cherish the dress shoots and everything! YAY
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    i think i'm having fake but don't know where to buy them. don't want to spend a fortune but obviously want them to look nice! x
  • nata_mccnata_mcc Posts: 810
    I contemplated having fake flowers i must admit.

    But to me, flowers are a big part of our day - i just love all flowers - so in the end we went for fresh.

    There are some good fake flowers out there, but it just always bothers me that they're not really the same thing. I know other people can't tell and won't care, but i can tell myself.

    If you really want fresh, you could create something like this for next to nothing:

    Oasis sell bouquet holder thingies (usually get these from the market) as well so you could buy a bunch of roses from the market, poke them in the oasis foam and hey presto you're done!
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    yeah i used to be florist so doing fresh ones myself isn't an issue, it's just a lot of pressure on what is already a crazy day! G x
  • butler2bbutler2b Posts: 317
    i think it also deends on what flowers u want to have because iwanted gerberas but i don't think the fake ones look as nice as the real thing xx
  • RoseRedukRoseReduk Posts: 168

    I am actually thinking of wooden roses and making my own bouquets. Might have bitten off more than I can chew though. We get married in October so not exactly a flowery season and I feel a bit guilty not just about the cost but also the waste, if that makes sense?

  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    hi rosered.

    wooden roses are really cost effective. you can buy them in bulk in premade bouquets too. you on another thread i'm on and given what i've read about your wedding, they would fit in perfectly x
  • Hi gembolina,

    Where were your fake flowers from? I'm going fake all the way, down to the ivy on the tables!

    The way I see it, is the only record of the flowers/arrangements after the day will be the photos, and if you can't tell the difference why not go for fake. And like WeddingMonster said, they can be kept forever afterwards image

    PB x

  • RoseRedukRoseReduk Posts: 168

    Thanks GG2011 image I think they would look good too, if I can pull off being creative!
  • I've having a bouquet made from buttons, as is my MOH and little flower girl. I've also made the buttonholes for my H2B and BM. Bit unusual I know, but its that sort of wedding! My H2B is going to get something (real lfower display) for the table at the town hall and then ask his dad to take it back for the top table. at the reception. The buttons wil last forever, and although my bouquet is a bit heavy everyone who is in on the secret seems to like them. Does bring up the dilemma of bouquet throwing - Idont want to knock someone out! So I think we are going to give that bit a miss!
  • I was going to have fresh but have now decided on silk after some great feedback from ladies on here.


  • TobeMrsBTobeMrsB Posts: 122
    When my mum got re married we all have fake flower bouquet and they were lovely - you couldnt tell the difference. I am having fake flowers and not having flower centrepieces as not 'my thing' plus you can keep them for a token of the day!!!
  • Silk FLowers are amazing for saving money , Getting unusual colours and getting the flowers yuo want that may be out of season ! They look fab and they can be scented at some places ! But personally nothing beats the smell of Fresh Flowers and foliage , plus my table centres are also doubling up as Gifts to the ladies in our families !!!! It's a desicion u'll have to make , follow ur heart !!!! xxx
  • charli159charli159 Posts: 449
    Hi Mrs Elliot. I think it all depends on your budget, and personal preference.

    Personally, I could not have fake flowers at my wedding because I just love flowers and think well I'm going to get married once!

    We did originally think about having silks because we had some EXTORTINATE quotes...May I ask how much you have been quoted? Maybe you should shop around a bit more before deciding on silks?

    I live in Staffs and am paying £350 for:

    - Bridal shower bouquet

    - A mini version to throw

    - 2 BM posies

    - 3 Mums corsages

    - 9 buttonholes

    - fresh petals on all of the tables

    - a large arrangement for the top table

    This includes setting up. We are having red roses, ivory roses, bear grass and other little flowers like singapore orchids and diamanties in the bouquet.

    Hope that helps xx
  • gemmzzziegemmzzzie Posts: 83
    I love flowers, were having a rustic/vintage style reception on a farm so it had to be real flowers for us x
  • Hom2010Hom2010 Posts: 282
    I was considering having fake flowers, but a friend recommended a florist wholesalers nearby (In Plymouth).

    I'm paying £266 for

    A large shower brides bouquet with 4 types of white flowers (white rose, bouvadia, lisiantha, freesia and blue delphiniums)

    3x bridesmaid handheld bouquet consisting of all 4 types of white flowers

    A large centrepiece for the top table

    7x buttonholes

    1x mini buttonhole with magnetic clip for my nephew (aww!)

    4x corsages

    And the set up

    I'm really pleased. Maybe do a bit of research see if there is a wholesaler florist in your area, they are generally a lot cheaper. Good luck!
  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721

    I've just had my first florists quote today and was pleasantly suprised. Getting a hand tied bouquet, smaller one for bridesmaid, 4 buttonholes and a 1 and half foot arrangement for the registrars table for £109. I'm having in season country style flowers, no roses or orchids and I thing this has kept the cost down. Think you can get the price down further if you just specify style and colours and let the florist choose what is good/cheap on the day.
  • I have ordered all my flowers from Bloominggorgeous, as we are getting married abroad it was the best option for us.

    They worked out very affordable, under £130 for mine and 2 BM's bouquets. However, having just been on the website for a look, she seems to have hiked her prices up a fair bit since I ordered, (January) which is a shame.
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    Try here:

    They are so realistic and the lady that does them is amazing! She knew what I wanted when I tried to explain and was soooooo helpful. Well worth an e-mail. x

    great price and flowers look gorgeous! x
  • codymckeecodymckee Posts: 92
    Go to ebay and click on advanced search and seach the shops for a shop called The Bridal Workshop.

    i got my flowers from it, so reasonably priced and the most fabulous flowers i have ever seen. Honestly

    the owner is called kim and she is soooo helpful. she will custom make orders and work with you until you are satisfied with what you want to order. AMAZING. i have 2 friends getting married abroad so fake flowersare ideal for them and them are ordering from here too.

    i cannot reccommend her highly enough,

    you will see pics of what she can do on her ebay site and i promise they are better in real life.

  • I have just stumbled upon a fab website It is a charity based organisation and they do ivory roses for £20 for a bunch of 40 sweetheart roses! and that includes delivery.

    So you can get some fab flowers for a nice price and all profits go to helping those living with HIV in Africa !!

    Surely this is win win!

  • T-ladyukT-ladyuk Posts: 677
    i'm having mine from Laura at blooming gorgeous, she is amazing so lovely and even puts up with my bridezilla moments.
  • Hi, I was going for fresh and doing my own so was going to order a bouquet of roses from interflora for about £20 get ribbon etc practice and then do the real thing so budgeted £50 BUT i found a website while i was looking for ribbon etc and they do foam roses. I ordered some thinking they would look crap and could use them for some sort of decoration but they look great. I ordered some diamonte and pearl pins too and have mde a fab bouquet and flower girl wand for about £15. Bargain! I will try and take some pics tomorrow x
  • amythystukamythystuk Posts: 190
    I am having fake from . She was recommended and i ordered a couple of samples flowers to see what they are like and they are lovely. I can get my flowers, BMs, buttonholes and top table arrangement for £130.
  • I'm having fake, after the quote for real was insane and my hayfever allergies are being really bad. Searched on ebay and found pinkcatdesigns, mailed her and she was a blessing. Mine are 1 bridal 3 BM's and 10 buttonholes at 132, with diamontes beading and feathers, They are so beautiful, I'm trying to get the sample photos for everyone to see image
  • Got them online now image

  • charli159charli159 Posts: 449
    Forgot to add - Fake flowers would have cost the same as real flowers for me so there was no issue - it had to be the real ones!
  • I have now photogaphed and uploaded my fake bouquet and bm wand:

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