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  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Dam it Lola, I now have the hoodie saved in my fav's! Roll on payday, what little that is left after transering far too much to the wedding account is already spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a dress label from another seller saved too, think it's a lovely way to add your something blue x

  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Dam it Lola, I now have the hoodie saved in my fav's! Roll on payday, what little that is left after transering far too much to the wedding account is already spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a dress label from another seller saved too, think it's a lovely way to add your something blue x

    Haha I soooo can't wait for the hoodie to arrive but I know I'll want to wear it straight away!
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Oh my Goodness! Sorry but I have to share this. I am looking for some pressies for H2B so I searched 'groom' and this came up[]=tags&includes[]=title

    Dear lord whatever next!

  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Ah ha ha ha oh my god that is so funny, Our dog what just blow it off!!!

    Oh dear I am about to click on the link for the hoodie and feel it may be an expensive touch of the button!!! This is my fave forum topic however it is working out expensive ha ha.

    Keep bringing the wonderful finds please ladies x
  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Oh no I knew I houldnt of looked!!! I really like the hoodies, I want a red one, however not sure how often I would wear it after the wedding day - maybe on honeymoon I guess x
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Hahaha they did make me laugh!

    I'm not sure I'll get much use on honeymoon as we're going to Dubai in July so will possbly pass out if I wore a hoody lol. Not sure when I'll wear it actually but had to have it!!

    Have you ordered one?

  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Not yet but I will be he he. I have emailed them asking then to send the link with all the colours on.....jut to double check it is the red I want.

    Dubai....hmmmm lovely!!!

    Wea re going to florida but its in October so the evenings will be cooler. Hell I am sure I will wear it at some point.

    What colour did you get? And what will your married name be? x
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    I'm loving wither the cream or navy hoody and am thinking it will be perfect to wear at the airport on the way home from the wedding, after that I usually stick a hoodie on with my jammies at the weekend when I get to lounge around for an hour or two so I will get loads of use out of it then.

    ps, i would pay to watch some one TRY to attach a butt cover to either of my cats! LOL! Whatever next indeed! x
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    My married name will be smith and I ordered the exact same as the 'Mrs Smith' piccy on the listing.

    Love the red and blue though also probably more serviceable than white and a 2 yr old hehe.

  • Have ordered my first thing on etsy... ! Might have something to do with this thread??!

  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    What did you order?

    Becareful its addictive ha ha x
  • Might not be to everyone's taste but i love it so much:

    But slightly different chairs.

    I looooove the 'family portraits'!!
  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Different but quite cool, will look ace in the right place x
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Awww I love that chair picture I think it's really cool

    I think Etsy is definitely my new addiction. I went on this morning and bought something else- I bought some flower grips for my bridesmaids last week so I've bought matching flower girl headbands (hopefully if the seller can make them the way I want). They're super cute and such a reasonable price.

  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    He he he between us all we are really keeping them in business ha ha. Love the Smith hoodie, my married name will be Mulholland so its gonne be quite long across my back but it will still be cool I think.

    I get paid on friday and had budgeted for some bits ie Dolphin swim tickets, paying for the cufflnks we have had made, invitations etc however now I also I have to budget for the hoodie, the dress label oh and the picture with the married name on as want to get one for H2B for his wedding present. Oh dear!!!! x
  • millyshopsmillyshops Posts: 120
    I adore Esty! Started selling bits on Esty years ago so it made sense I would use it as much as possible for my own wedding!

    Our custom designed invites are by

    My bridesmaids hair pieces are by

    My ladies favors are by

    My Table Napkin decoration is by

    My something blue is by

    I am getting my H2B a canvas portrait done as a gift by

    And thanks to this thread my cupcake liners are by

    I almost even got my wedding dress & bridal party dresses made by a seller there!

  • millyshopsmillyshops Posts: 120
    Forgot to mention that ViVaLaViolette is doing ALL our wedding stationary including -

    80 Invitation/ RSVP combo

    60 Single sided programs

    24 Table Numbers

    24 Menus

    120 Favor Tags/Place Cards

    1 Seat Plan
  • millyshops - i love cupcake social!

    Also - are you actually going to sew those flowers on to your napkins? I had also come across those flowers but don't think i'd have the patience to sew them on.

    can i ask what seller you were thinking of going to to get bm dresses made? thinking i might have to do that.


  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Oooh cupcake social is fabby!

    Millyshops all your purchases are gorgeous!

    Trying so hard not to purchase anything else this week but.... another poster has just posted pictures of her luggage tags so like a FOOL I etsy'd luggage tag...... aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh there is THE cutest thing ever! x
  • jingly_mum2bjingly_mum2b Posts: 1,468
    I had never been on Etsy before this thread now I have signed up and found loads of gorgeous gold hair combs!

    Love that huddy may have to order myself one!

  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Noooooooooooooo, I'm feeling the need to etsy luggage tag too, and I've asked about those lovely little pink flowers, I've had them saved in my fav's for weeks but wasn't sure how to use them but love the napkin idea! I think I'll stich them to some ribbon and tie them around that way... I only have 40 to do however so not quite a mamoth task! Teehee, you girls are bad for my small budget bride bank balance! LOL! x
  • viccipviccip Posts: 2,161
    Millyshops- I looked through everything you posted it all looks fab!

    I'm looking on there at the moment for something different for my mum's wedding present. I've also found a hair comb i might order as a back up incase i dont like my silk hair flower.


  • chki22chki22 Posts: 1,076
    I got:

    Some hydrangea hair pins for my BMs

    Some sweetie bar accessories

    This really cute 'LOVE' graphic print (don't know where I'll use it but I love it)

    Some pretty personalised fabric envelops for my BMs jewelry

    Think that's it although I've just put DD to bed and I've been drawn back on it!


    Ooooo which seller does the personalised envelopes? I've got my bms jewellry and this would be perfect!

    Thank you to this thread i've now got 30 things saved in favourites and have just bought some really cute alice in wonderland style eat me drink me flags. So cute xx
  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Luggage tags...luggage tags.....oh no no no the need to look is overwhelming again.

    At this rate the guests will have nothing to eat but I will look good in my hoody and new necklace, everyone will know our surname as it will be in a picture on the wall and on our bloody luggage!!! Oh dear ha ha.

    Millyshops - your something blue is beautiful and I am now really intriued as to what your dress looks like? Can you post a pic or a link at all please? x
  • they are funny!

    I think for that price - for a luggage tag! - might do some diy... the thing that makes them cute are the slogans after all and they are easily borrowed...!

  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Very true, they are very expensive for what they are and they will only be used once.

    How would you do a DIY one? x
  • Hadn't really thought about it - but the first word that comes to mind is laminate! Nice piece of card, laminate and put a nice piece of ribbon or leather through a hole in the top... and voila! (I know laminate might sound tacky but think it would be fine if done nicely)

  • I'm going to make luggage tags for the wedding party. Buying some plain buff coloured ones off ebay. Then a rubber stamp and some nice writing. And hey presto! Will put them in the wedding party goody bags.
  • Thats a lovely, personal touch Trickster!
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