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Acacia Headpiece wearers :)


I am wearing the acacia 2 and having my hair curled and losely pulled to the side then wearing the cuff as well with just stud earings. Not wearing anything else as i think those pieces are quite striking and i don't want to over do it.



  • jojosmamanjojosmaman Posts: 499
    I have acacia 2 and plan on wearing some kind of messy loose updo without earrings but with a sparkley cuff (yet to be found!) and I have been given a gorgeous single diamond necklace which I will wear as well.

  • I'm wearing acacia too but decided not to go for the cuff - i'm having my hair in loose curls half up & half down I think -I'm also wearing a pearl necklace & matching stud earings image
  • neachneach Posts: 4

    I'm getting married on the 20th August and would love to wear the Acacia - are any of you guys thinking of selling it/renting it out? If so please let me know


  • edisonukedisonuk Posts: 159
    Hi neach, I bought acacia for my winter wedding together with the cuff, but then changed my mind in last minute and wore a birdcage weil - so have a set which was never used before. Mine is the smallest out of three sizes - not sure what size you are looking for?
  • tomasina40tomasina40 Posts: 169
    hello i am interested in buying your headpiece please pls can you email me [email protected]
  • Hi Edison,

    I'm also interested in the small acacai headpiece please could you email me on [email protected]



  • edisonukedisonuk Posts: 159
    hi ladies, I promise, I will e-mail you, I am just going to dig out the two pieces from boxes tonight and find the paperwork, so I can send you the details. It is still packed in original JP boxes, was not sure what to do with it and if I will have any chance to wear it after the wedding for some special ocassion, as they are quite eye catching - but I guess the best option would be finding them a new, loving bride..image
  • Thanks Edison I'll look forward to it image

  • MRS H2BMRS H2B Posts: 324
    Hi Hun

    I would also be interested in buying them.

    Can you also email me [email protected]

  • tomasina40tomasina40 Posts: 169
    thanks edison, looking fwd to hearing from you!

    many thanks

  • My dress is very 1930s so I'm going for wavy locks in that kind of style. It has also been suggested that I should have a bob, but I'm undecided at the moment! Hair is shoulder length currently, so it could go either way!

    In terms of other jewellery, I'll be getting the acacia cuff. I'll also wear a heart shaped diamond on a simple chain - it's gorgeous and I wear it every day (no point having these things locked away!).

    It's great hearing what everyone else is planning to do!

    P.S Being the geek that I am, I should also point out that it's not a good idea to put your exact email address on the internet, as they get picked up by spam machines and you get sent a load of junk emails. Try putting "name at" insteadimage
  • Hi edison

    I know you havent got round to emailing yet but was just wondering what colour the band is on the headpiece as they come in different colours to blend in with the hair from what I can gather??

    If it isnt a match I think I'll need to be ordering one very soon

  • edisonukedisonuk Posts: 159
    Hi, August Bride2be - you must be telephatic - as I have finally got around it! I had some interest in both pieces, so I decided the fairest way will be listing them on eBay. I have put both pieces up for sale few minutes ago - I think you can easily find them if you look for Jenny Packham Acacia.

    The headband on mine is brown, as I am a brunette - I was told by my hairdresser it was not that difficult to change the headband to different colour if needed - hope this helps. Good luck with your wedding!
  • oasisuk1oasisuk1 Posts: 41
    I am wearing my acacia 1 hair piece soon too & planning on just wearing small diamond studs and a sparkly braclet ( not JP)...

    I have the JP Maire Louise dress so dont have to wear a necklace..
  • edisonukedisonuk Posts: 159
    Villa-bride, I was wearing the JP Marie Lousie dress as well!

    (well, I had 2 dresses, as we had 2 separate ceremonies - it was one of them). I actually went for a back necklace, it was georgous, real eye catcher. Some pictures here:

    It is a georgous dress, I loved wearing it.
  • Oh no I think I'm in trouble, I have fallen in love with the Acacia 2 - way beyond what I was intending to spend on hair accessories but I think I will have to go to the Jenny Packham boutique and have a look image
  • oasisuk1oasisuk1 Posts: 41
    Hi Edison,

    I just found your post and looked at the pic.. its getting me so excited about wearing the dress now in 5 weeks!!!

    have you any more pics of you in it?

    going for my final fitting next Monday....
  • edisonukedisonuk Posts: 159
    Villabride - it is a fab dress, I loved wearing it!

    I am meaning to write a wedding report for ages, but still have not got around it. For the time being try Neils's blog (my photographer) - I think he published a few pics.

  • MrsHedgehogMrsHedgehog Posts: 158
    I'm wearing JP Petra and have the Acacia hair comb. The hair band looked a bit big on my head. I'm not planning on wearing any other jewellery apart from a small necklace with a tiny diamond. I'm not sure yet how to do my hair - I was thinking a loose side bun but am having a veil so not sure how that would work. I'm hoping my hair dresser will work it all out.
  • oasisuk1oasisuk1 Posts: 41
    HI Edison,

    Wow your pics are amazing... you both look very stylish and it makes me so excited about wearing my M. Louise. I hope can do it as much justice as you did !

    3 weeks to go !
  • mzlaurab05mzlaurab05 Posts: 212
    Hi, sorry to crash in on your thread but I have just worn Acacia comb and cuff from the 2010 range and am looking to hire them. Please have a look:

    Thanks X image

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