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What % of total budget is reception costs?

Hi all, we are having a civil wedding Aug 08 and working on approx numbers of 50 adults and 15 kids we are looking at £4000 for the Registrars fees, hire of venue, 3 course meal, Welcome drinks, table wine (2 bottles) and toast drinks.

So we still have photgrapher, videographer, flowers, clothing, attendants gifts, rings, table decs and flowers to consider. Not having cars as I'm staying at venue nigth before and I'm hoping to hire sports car for H2B. Am I missing anything?

I think I read that reception costs should be half of your total budget... does that sound right?

Love Sheryl xxx


  • PickwaiPickwai Posts: 406
    I've just worked ours out and its 63% of our budget.
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    ours is roughly about half, (just over - about 52 - 53 %) but I think it depends on number of guests, what food you're having, and of course, what everything else you're having
  • louiseglasheenlouiseglasheen Posts: 1,643
    Ous will be about 70% of the total budget.
  • ScubahoneyScubahoney Posts: 81
    Yikes!!! I thought ours was expensive....the cost of our hiring the venue is £4k and the wedding breakfast & wine/champers for the toasts is around £6k...adds up to 50% of our total's crazy really isn't it...but so worth it!!!imageimageimage
  • JB69ukJB69uk Posts: 499
    Ok - ours works out at 36% of our budget! Feel we're being mean to people now or I'm spending way too much on my dress and other things!!
  • Cath2ukCath2uk Posts: 93
    For what it's worth, my wedding planner (file as opposed to person!) says you should allocate around 50% of your total budget to the reception (about what we'll end up spending I think), 10% each to photographer, music, flowers and attire (dress, BM dresses, the whole shebang) and 10% to everything else... I can only assume it's not including honeymoon in that although I guess it depends on your budget - 2% of 2 million pounds would get you quite a nice holiday I'd imagineimage

    C xx
  • mowanimowani Posts: 99
    Our reception is about a third of the cost only... a quarter is going on the honeymoon!
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