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Wedding dress rental rip off, beware

My friend has just got married last month. She hired her wedding dress from a shop called wedding belles in Plymouth. She paid about £300 to hire the dress and had to pay £50 deposit in case of any damages.

When she returned it after her day, the shop refused to refund her £50. The reason being that it would need to be cleaned due to dirt underneath the train. She argued saying that the dress surely would need to be cleaned regardless after wearing it but the shop said that no it wouldn't normally be cleaned and that due to this dirt under the train (which surely you would expect when walking around) she lost her £50. Digusting in both the sense of ripping her off and that they wouldn't have cleaned the dress after usage if there was no dirt which unless you got wed inside on an immaculately clean floor would be impossible. Plus who wants to wear a rental dress which has someone elses BO and skin flakes on! Which is what you clearly get with this shop and how many others I wonder. Sorry for the graphics!

I thought I'd let others know who might be planning on renting. Check the small print or be clear with the shop what the deposit is for! x


  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
    thats terrible! firstly, you would expect the dress to be fully cleaned after anyone hired it and secondly, it must be commonsense that a train (which drags along the floor) get dirty underneath!

    i think they def deserve the naming and shaming!

    hope your friend had a fab day tho.x
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    well named & shamed.....this sort of thing gets a bad name for shops that do hire stuff properly (including cleaning it every time it's been worn)
  • Gross when I think about how much I sweated after been on the dancefloor all night it makes me sick to think they wouldn't normally clean a dress. I was stinking and the first thing I did once my dress was off was head straight for the shower.
  • youngbride25youngbride25 Posts: 388
    ewww im so glad i didnt hire as was going to but then decided to buy my dress insted cos im dead fussy about who wore it before me and if the were still married could have bad vibes on it so thought would get my own glad as well as i sweat like a pig when im nearvous
  • That's disgusting. Could you imagine a shop that rent's out men's suits doing that. Yuk!!!

    They should be well and truly ashamed x
  • spunfaerieukspunfaerieuk Posts: 1,347
    Ugh! That's absolutely disgusting that they don't clean each dress after its worn! Surely that must be against some rules or something. Your poor friend!
  • mrsrabietobemrsrabietobe Posts: 256
    That sounded so shocking I actually called them up as if I were a potential customer...

    Spoke to a very helpful lady Christine, and she said that dirt is expected and yes they clean dresses afterwards...

    She said it's either her or Theresa that is often there, so lush224 I would suggest you friend call and speak to Christine to get her £50 back.

    If they still refuse then subtly hint that they clearly underestimate the power of B2B's and wedding forums... That should give them a fright.
  • fraulinemariaukfraulinemariauk Posts: 1,648
    mrs rabie to be that's brilliant!! well done you!!
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    Just a suggestion but if you haven't spoken to shop yet why not get someone to email shop asking about cleaning after hire that way you can print out the answer and take it with you I'd like to see her get out of that!!
  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    Hi there I told my friend this. We are going to see about getting an email reply as a potential customer to take to them. Can't see them refunding it though. They are telling potential customers one thing but it is a different story when you have paid the money.

    My friend raved about how friendly the women were in there and I was even going to get my dress alteration done there but not now. My friends mum was with her when they took the dress back and she has even told me how much the staff changed on returning the dress, they were adamant that the dirt under the train meant losing the deposit. My friend is very pushy to, as is her mum and they were in there half an hour trying to resolve the matter and I think my friend lost her temper in the end.

    I will be telling everyone I know to stay away!
  • mrsrabietobemrsrabietobe Posts: 256
    Well then I guess we can only see what happens...

    If after you have proven to them that what they are saying and doing is totally different, and they STILL are not interested, then perhaps they will respond to a threat?

    Any clued-up shop owner would weigh up the £50 against the loss of business this would cause and realize they're being stupid!

    As I said - they clearly underestimate the power of B2B's and wedding forums... (and let them know that too!)
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    Tell them you will go to local paper that should get them listening
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