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Cheap but good quality chair cover and sash hire ?

Anyone any suggestions for chair covers / sash hire off the internet at a good rate ? Our venue dressers are 3.25/3.50 each and i wondered if i could find them cheaper but not so cheap they they are not of equal quality ?

If any one has any reccomendations I would be greatful. I am in sussex and wedding will be in surrey



  • HamillcamHamillcam Posts: 226
    Ebay do them cheaper about £1.80 each they have a list of venues all over the uk and just charge a delivery charge according to where you are. I'm in scotland and they do them for my venue, although i'm getting a local company to do mine, i'm getting a package or other things.
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    have a look on ebay, some are as cheap as £1.30 each depending on how many you want to hire.
  • MrsAkpinarMrsAkpinar Posts: 148

    I found a company that would do it for £1.65 each, that was the best I found. They are


    you would need to pay for a delivery/ set up and collection fee which depends upon how many you require. Or if you are will to put them on yourself then they only charge £1.45 per chair.

    It's worth gettin a written quote from them Which you may be able to show to your venue dressers and I'm sure they will be willing to match the price.

    Afterall, there chair covers are probably stocked in a cupboard somewhere so it's better

    to make some money on them then nothing

    at all.

    I made an enquiry on there website and within 5 minutes I had a call from them.

    Hope this helps.
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