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Hi Ladies

I'm getting married next August at The Fennes in Essex and for some reason am really struggling to choose a band! There is just too much choice and obviously you can't rely too much on their own website so I wondered if anyone had any particular recommendations?

Also has anyone heard of Hula Groove? They are the current front runner!


  • vw_familyvw_family Posts: 992
    I've not heard of Hula Grove I'm afraid but we're using an Essex band called Essence Duo for our wedding in 11 days (but in Norfolk). They are really, really good and really get the dance floor packed.

  • Ah thank you, I will definitely look into this!
  • And good luck for the wedding!
  • Carter2beCarter2be Posts: 183
    I LOVED hula grove, but unfortunately they were above our price range.

    We love the look of the Shakers who are based in Chelmsford, but we are struggling with finding reviews of their actually performance, other than off their own website. They sound brilliant though.
  • vw_familyvw_family Posts: 992
    Thanks Badgerbadger! I've got no idea how much hula grove are but if it helps Essence Duo are charging us £1000. When we were looking for a band we found that most were between £800 and £1500

  • Hi Badger

    Try these guys (

    They are London based and I have booked them for my wedding. Some other posters on here have posted positive comments about them also but maybe go along and see them for yourself.

  • mrsfoodie2bmrsfoodie2b Posts: 352
    We've booked seem them play live twice and they are brilliant also they have rave reviews from lots of other brides on this site who have had them play at their weddings (check out the receptions topic)

    They provide their own lighting, PA and dj music too.

    They are playing at The Kings Arms in Fulham, 425 New Kings Road Fulham on Saturday according to the gig list on their website.
  • JoannaHJoannaH Posts: 13

    It has to be The Bears, the best wedding band in Essex.   


  • We've booked we were recommended them a guy at work who had recently had them play at his wedding and they were thrilled.

    They've been really helpful and very understanging too as we had to change our date recently. They were alot more affordable than some of the other options we looked at too.


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