Fiance won us our wedding budget!!!!!!!!!

We got engaged at christmas and we were planning to get married summer 2012. In reality we knew this would never happen as we can't really afford to save our budget of £15000. My fiance had the crazy idea to apply for game shows which i was VERY embarrassed about and asked him not to. He went for an audition for one and was contacted to tell him he was on and it all happened so fast! He happens to be very clever and it was a quiz show.... and he won us our wedding budget! We only need to save a little bit more! And we can get married next year! So happy and very proud but now we don't have much time to plan!!


  • popoluska3popoluska3 Posts: 6
    wooohooo thats briliant! congrats hun! x
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    wow what show? can we watch him? image
  • kelmistykelmisty Posts: 860
    Amazing! Im off to enter the euro millions......image
  • Ooooh how coool!!!!!! Good for you!!!!!!! Some things are just meant to be!!
  • GemD81GemD81 Posts: 333
    Ah congratulations. You must be so happy. That would be amazing!!
  • moffit123moffit123 Posts: 370
    Congratulations! That is brilliant news, your fiance is very clever and you must be very proud! What show was he on?
  • MrsSmileyjulyMrsSmileyjuly Posts: 1,818
    I'm not supposed to say anything about it because it hasn't aired yet and they can forfeit your prize if you give it away. But it's aired on the 24th June and he talks bout winning money to get married. Maybe I can give more details on the day!
  • loulou_bloulou_b Posts: 466
    how exciting!! congratulations! its so nice to hear stories like this. happy planning. image
  • misskatamarimisskatamari Posts: 177
    wow that's fantastic! well done! im so pleased for you x
  • Welshbride10Welshbride10 Posts: 161
    wow thats fantastic
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    Whoo fabulous...I may see if I can enter my other half into a beer drinking contest, he'd win hands down image
  • xrachxukxrachxuk Posts: 190
    Congrats thats fantastic news image Well done H2B!!
  • saraheltonsarahelton Posts: 219
    Congratulations!!! And don't panic at all. We only got engaged at the end of August and we get married in June. image

    I've made all my own stationery, got all the little finishing touches - had enough time for all of it and not so much time that I change my mind about decisions already made. A wedding next year is easily do-able. Enjoy the planning! image
  • Brilliant news! How wonderful to be able to enjoy the planning stages without having to save. I'm so thrilled for you.

    Congratulations and happy planningimage
  • pieeaterukpieeateruk Posts: 129
    Well done to both of you!! You must be so proud now, hope you have a wonderful wedding!
  • madeinusaukmadeinusauk Posts: 76
    Whata lucky girl you are! He's won that money and gonna spend it on your wedding...not a car! What a catch you've got!
  • angelesqueukangelesqueuk Posts: 191
    CONGRATULATIONS! A very worthy cause indeed - well done your fianc???? image

    We need to save a similar sum, so I was very pleased to win some money last December - not the full whack but a decent percentage which has meant we can put all our deposits down and start putting our plans into action, yay!
  • tillypusstillypuss Posts: 571
    How cool is that!?

    Well done that man!

  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    Awww well done! how i would love to have that much money right now lol i hate saving!
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Thats brill!! Congratulations x
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  • tillypusstillypuss Posts: 571
    Can you tell us what program yet????
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    Was it the chase? I remembered you saying and just watched it online, very well done.
  • MrsSmileyjulyMrsSmileyjuly Posts: 1,818
    haha yes it was on the chase that's so funny you remembered! i posted it ages ago! He did me proud!
  • lovegotmelovegotme Posts: 96
    Wow wow congrats, love good news!!
  • MrsSmileyjulyMrsSmileyjuly Posts: 1,818
    Wedding is one year today thanks to my very clever fiance!!! Should have had 2 or more years to wait it's so soon now!!!
  • Yay well done chick xx
  • MissRMPMissRMP Posts: 130
    Woo hoo!! Congrats and well done to your clever fiance!
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