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Cash or free gift to plan your wedding no scam

Would you like to earn money or even bag yourself a brand new laptop, iPhone?? ......all for free?

Just like most people i love a freebie, but the idea of pocketing one of the latest must haves for free sounded rather odd. But in fact it could not be easier.


This is a new and unique marketing method put into practice by big companies who simply want their companies name out there. This method of referral marketing allows consumers to receive top of the range goods. It is a simple process which allows many indivuals to reap the rewards. Below you will find the 3 simple steps.

Three Simple Steps to Receive your free gift or to earn money.

1 - Sign up for free at

2 - Complete an offer (subscribe to love flim for example, you can cancel after a few months so does nor cost you much- min 3.99 per month)

3 - Refer some friends to do the same.

You are probably wondering how these sites manage to give away things for free, well it's simple really:

Offers such as LoveFilm are how these freebie companies make their money. They advertise for high profile companies such as AOL or Gala Bingo, and for every one of those offers that get completed, a freebie site, say gets paid a sum of money, £40 for instance, even if it's only a free offer that you choose. Refer a number of friends to do the same, say 8, and suddenly they have made £320 and these sites easily have enough profit to send you your free gift or money.

Since referrals are the most important thing you need to know how to get them. It's simple you dont get referrals your dont get your product.

First of all you have family and friends. Tell them about this site and the referral marketting method and ask them to complete an offer for you.

Another way could be to print off leaflets with your referral links on and get handing them out.
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