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London photographer-help please!

Hi, I am really struggling to keep within my budget for wedding photographers. Prices that I have been quoted for a full day range from £1700 to £3000! Including a high-res CD which is really important to us as we have loads of relatives abroad and we would rather email them pictures! I originally budgeted about £1500 for this. Am I being unrealistic? Please help with any reccomendations!


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    The link following has 38 London, Home Counties photographers that charge inder £500 for at least one of their packages and therefore other packages will be within a reasonable range. The list is not exhaustive but it does prove that £1500+ is not the norm for London Photograpers. image
  • nutty_duffynutty_duffy Posts: 384
    Hi, the photographer I'm using should be well within your budget, he is with you all day and will give you all of your pics & negs, which is very rare!!!!! He is a work colleague/friend who has just started taking his passion seriously and trying to make a living from it. He has just set up a website - - click on the name to enter. It's pretty basic at the moment but it might be worth giving him a call and seeing if he can help.

    Hope that helps, Claire x
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    Ok... this is a recommendation from elsewhere but this is the photographer i'm thinking of using... you'll have to email him and ask for price list as it's not on the website. I saw his photos in a copy of Cosmo brides and fell in love! We've decided to go for high resolution cd too and this is priced on the side of his packages... Hope this helps...
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    We are using PR photography and i think he has a package in your budget that includes a high res cd- the pictures are so beautiful!
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