FX Films - anyone used them?

Hi Ladies,

I'd like to book FX Films as a splurge, but have even been trying to book via email but responses are few and far between, which for me is always a warning sign.

Has anyone had any experiences they can share? Much appreciated!


  • MrsB007MrsB007 Posts: 117
    We used FX for our wedding (see Laura and Henley highlights clip) and work with him quite often too.

    I know he is quite busy at the moment with weddings, so hopefully he will be in touch soon.

    We love our video and cant recommend him enough
  • phew - thanks girls.

    when I've spoken to him on the phone he's been really friendly, which was a major reason for booking. I'm organising this all from Asia though to the phone isn't always ideal (cost + timezone) so I rely on email a lot.

    Fingers crossed. I can't wait to see our wedding video (and photos) and I've not even planned most of the wedding yet...

    City Girl - good luck next month!
  • He doesn't film weddings anymore.  I recommend MJ Films. They will mix HD with Super 8 too.

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