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HELP - Beautiful dresses on a budget

Hi all

Please can anyone tell me where I can get a beautiful dress for less than £400, I made the mistake of taking the advice of a lady in the dress shop and trying one on that was £1115 and of course fell in love with it, I can not justify that sort of money on a dress for one day but obviously still want to look amazing on our special day - any ideas brides to be? image


  • Here are a few I found on line as Im not sure were your based. I dont know how to make the links work on here so if you just copy and paste it into the top browser bar of a new page it should take you to the piccies

    You could also try BHS bridal as they have some lovely looking dresses for £495.00 a little over budget I know but they often have discount days. Also have a look at as they have a range by Nicholas Millington which looks good too.

    Apart from that Bridal shops often have sample sales where you can grab an amazing bargain when they sell off the previous seasons styles for hugely discounted prices image

    hope this helps and best of luck image xx

  • Sorry forgot to mention Monsoon as well. If you want a more simple, less full style dress they can be amazing. My friend had a lovely civil ceremony in a pretty country setting and she wore a monsoon dress and feather headpiece and it looked so stylish and simple whilst still very "bridal". The monsoon range starts from £150.00 for a white/ivory full length gown. I have to say though that the web piccies really dont do them justice, so if you can find a store with a bridal section in it may well be worth going to have a look as they are MUCH nicer in real life and far more detailed than the pictures ever show.

  • Oh wow, just looked at them, there are some really lovely ones on the links you sent. Maybe it is going to be possible to look like a princess without loads of debt after all - Thank you Cupcake Lizzie
  • Sheepie100Sheepie100 Posts: 11
    depends where you're based...I got my dress in a wedding shop in Hornsea Freeport (East Yorkshire) and although i did have doubts (see previous thread on 'is it ok to compromise on a discounted dress') i DID get a beautiful designer dress for £350!! They sell off the rack dresses and discontinued designer lines. They've got TONS of selection in all different sizes from a range and designers and it's a really laid back place. Good luck!!
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    you can also try online wholesalers sites like:
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Have a look at coast as well, they have some gorgeous dresses. And Debenhams.
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    I may be able to help, my friend and I (after being horrified with the profit in dresses) have decided to sell sample dresses at 'realistic prices, therefore all our dresses are £249 or £349.. at the moment we only have one at £349 and it is called Tia.. I've got a facebook page as follows with pics of the dresses on.

    or look on facebook for wedding belle

    The sample dresses that we have just bought are only 6 months old and as the shop that we got them from has only just started up they are hardly tried on and fantastic condition... we are in Sheffield but if you do fall in love with anything we don't mind posting

    I hope this is of help to you


  • Copplestones bridal basement,all dresses £350 or under,Its in liverpool so was a bit far for me to travel but I would of if I had too!!various dresses by various designers all brand new maybe just last seasons etc.It has a website,just google it,maybe worth a look? Good Luck x
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442

    From an eco wedding site I found this place, eco friendly weddings promote using sample and once-worn dresses to help the environment and disuade people from having something so expensive be worn only once

    they have ex-sample and pre-owned dresses from great designers, I just bought a charlotte balbier sample which retailed at £899 for £99

    they have thousands of gowns and even a boutique you can try them on in which is very unusual as buying a sample normally involves 'taking a punt'

    hope you find something! xx
  • Princess24ukPrincess24uk Posts: 604
    I would second having a look at Coast, there is a gorgeous dress on the website for £295 (can't remember the name, sorry) which I tried on and it was just lovely. It's like a grecian style with flowers on it.
  • dont be afraid to haggle, my dress is from Debenhams was only £180 to start with but as the hem had some dust on it I asked for the dress tobe reduced (although there was 2 more thesamein the same size) as it wuld need to be professionally cleaned, the manager of the department gave me £60 discount and the dust came off with a little talc and a clean cloth.


    only 20 days to go........ image
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    Ebay loads of new dresses on there can be bought really cheaply
  • nickicovnickicov Posts: 491
    My dress is from Romantica of Devon and was £375. Its excatly what I wanted even though my budget was £600. Bargain!

    Dont forget to take into account alterations too in your budget. Mine cost an extra £80.
  • MrsKC2bMrsKC2b Posts: 411
    You could try sites like Preloved? Go search for the dress that you fell in love with that was over budget - you might be surprised with what comes up!!

    Good Luck x
  • misslittle10misslittle10 Posts: 403
    Try Forever Yours informal wedding dresses loads under budget there
  • That's brillian, thanks everyone.

    Was starting to feel very disappointed but now have lots of options. One of my close friends is lending me the veil she used for her wedding last year so big saving there too.

    Off to have a look at all those suggested sites now.

    Thanks again x image
  • Hi Happyhappybride,

    I am so glad you liked the links and that I was able to help image I hope you manage to find something you like please come back and let us know how you get on.

  • poppihollapoppiholla Posts: 12
    not sure where your based, but you could look at oxfam bridal - they're not just second hand wedding dresses, they've often got end of line and discontinued styles in there direct from suppliers too. I got mine in a sale - the shop had decided to discontinue their Sophia Tolli range (madness!!) and ended up forking out just £300 for a £1200+ dress - bargains are out there to be had, you just need to keep an ear to the ground...
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    i would say preloved too, if thats the one then why not when its only been worn once and way less then half price
  • gemmybeangemmybean Posts: 5
    Don't know if anyone has mentioned it but littlewoods do a range of wedding dresses which are quite reasonable
  • xkatyannxxkatyannx Posts: 107
    debenhams is good! i tried on a gorgeous dress in there!
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    I know how you feel- I'm the same! I've been looking on preloved and also Glamorous gowns website bases in Farnborough. A lot of dresses are under £500 and all show prices. Sellmyweddingdress is also worth a look. Good luck!
  • megmegsukmegmegsuk Posts: 150
    I fell in love with a £1800 dress. But it was completely barmy to go for it so I ended up with a £400 dress which was very similar in some ways - it was a lace, strapless, empire dress that fitted my figure but without a corset. The reason it was so cheap (at full price) was that it came from the 'destination' selection in Dessy - so it's man made materials that don't crease when travelling to a foreign wedding in a suitcase. It was very comfortable and I got loads of compliments and someone said "wow, how did you manage to find a vintage dress your exact size?!"

    My sister got her one off dress down from £1200 to £300 as the shop was closing down - so it's worth keeping an eye out for those in the current financial climate. I'm gutted that shop closed though - the girl who ran it was so lovely when I got mine, completely not pushy but really warm and friendly.

    I have a couple of friends who wore Monsoon wedding dresses (around £200) and they both looked stunning on the day. I bought a monsoon one before I found the one I went for in the end - it was only £60 from ebay!

    One other friend got hers second hand via a preloved website.

    Everyone I've mentioned works and all that - I don't know how other people do it!!!

    good luck, there are ways and means don't you worry!
  • NearlyMrsMacNearlyMrsMac Posts: 287
    I got my dress from Brides by Appointment in Edinburgh - it is Barnados wedding shops basically, sample or discontinued dresses are donated to the specialist bridal shops by wedding dress shops & they sell them at a lot less than you would normally pay. I went in thinking 'theres no way they will have a dress I like here.' - they had LOADS! I tried on about 20, and loads of sizes and styles as well, and found my dream dress - for £200, was £800 new but as a sample dress, you couldn't tell it isn't new, I love it image

  • I'd recommend preloved too. I got my dress (that this girl paid almost £2000 for for £200 image I then paid £75 to have it specially cleaned x
  • decembernycdecembernyc Posts: 270
    I got my dress on ebay, It's a sample in perfect condition (Still has tags, extra beads, authenticity certificate etc) and I paid £299 instead of 1000, including next day delivery. The seller was fab and so helpful, I beleive she has quite a few other dresses on so if you want her name let me know image
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    you might want to read the ebay/preloved horror story in the bridal fashion forum, I'd stick to trusted sellers personally x
  • spencerinospencerino Posts: 16
    Can highly recommend Swoon - just bought my immaculate sample - Charlotte Balbier from £799 to £99 - BARGAIN!! VERY VERY happy. Can now blow the rest of the budget on shoes hee

    You can look at their range on the website then go try them on - they also have some stock not on their website, and Debbie can show you more dresses according to what you like on the day too. imageimage
  • i got my dress from BHS and i love it.

    i got it with a special promotion code for £225

    i know no one will know it came from BHS either
  • MrsSavage2BMrsSavage2B Posts: 266
    Yes I love the look of the BHS ones too! Which dress did you go with Loobylou85uk?

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