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Anyone else getting married on 28th May 2011!!

Hi Ladies/Guys,

Just out of pure curiosity, I just wondered who else is getting married on this day! It seems to be so popular and what have you done so far??

I think I am almost half way through already myself, is that too eager or is there anyone else like moi! image


  • peachycmpeachycm Posts: 27
    I am and cant wait!!
  • lol...Yeyyy! Me too.

    Its just exciting to know and plus I wanted to know how popular that date was, but maybe it isn't!

    But I think we have the best date in May as it is a bank holiday weekend and people are sure to come!

    Gosh I sound so freakishly happy! That because I am I image

    ps... I am completely normal despite the above.
  • Hey girls

    I'm also getting married on 28th May 2011, I'm sooooo excited!!!!!

    I've pretty much got everything and booked everything too, just waiting for Honeymoon prices to come out and then I think I've crossed all the checklist boxes off! Think the Honeymmon is going to be quite a stressful decision to make...........June is a dodgy month for weather, where are you all going on your Honeymoon?
  • Wow, I thought I was way ahead, but if you have almost done everything on your checklist then that is amazing, well done!

    So far we've booked the venue, church, caterers, DJ, decor company, wedding dress.

    We are currently looking at photography & invites now but we still have loads to do!!

    For our honeymoon we were looking to go to the Maldives, but we hard its rainy season at that time, so it just might be the seychelles or some other exotic island somewhere! hehe


  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    Me too - nice to meet others and hooray to the Bank Holiday (and half term if, like me, you're a teacher!)

  • Em22UKEm22UK Posts: 206
    I am also getting married on 28th May 2011. I have booked venue, band/DJ, photographer, ordered BM dresses, ordered my dress, waiting for the quote to come on on flowers and booked the car.

    Also waiting for honeymoon prices for flights etc. We are thinking of going to Fiji, the weather is good there in June (or so im told!) Where is everyone getting married. Im at Warbrook House in Eversley, Hampshire
  • I'm get married the same day and can not wait!!!

    I have ordered the dress, have the b.m's and flowers girls dresses...just need to get shoes for all and my veil and tiara.

    we have booked the church, the venue and marquee, the cars and the photographer. Just need to decide on entertainment, what are people having DJ's or a band???? we are stuggling to decide.

    The flowers my mum is doing as she organises a wedding venue and is very creative, so we are both doing the flowers and I am making the invites. We have already sent out the save the date cards, and I am making the first tier of my wedding cake in december.

    I can be a bit anal when it comes to being organized which is why i have done so much.........does that make me a bridezilla????
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