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Is everyone elses costs just running out of control?

I feel like every day there is something else that is dearer than expected, we have a resonable budget for our wedding anyway which started out at £10,000 and has slowly been creeping up we are now at £14,500 and thats even cutting back on certain things. Is everyone else struggling to save and still have a life at he same time? image xx


  • emms33emms33 Posts: 622

    I honestly can't believe how much we are spending on one day out of our whole lives!! Sometimes I think it's completely ridiculous, other days I think we're only doing this once, it's our big day so chill out about it, but I can't help worrying about the costs.

    We started with a budget of 5k, but it has crept up to 6.5, and I'm not counting all the little things I've been spending on like ribbons and stamps stuff! It would have been really easy to have splurged on loads of things that I've fallen in love with but have tried to have some self control!

    I think if you can set a limit of what you can't afford to go over then make sure you stick to it!! Otherwise I think it's easy to just let it go and go!

    Try to keep enjoying it though image

  • saraheltonsarahelton Posts: 219
    Our initial budget was £10k and we ended up at £14k so I know how you feel. image

    Some of our initial guesses at prices were way off, so part of it was unrealistic budgeting in the first place. In other areas, I spent more than we'd budgeted but I really liked a certain supplier so didn't want the cheaper option. I don't regret those decisions; we had a truly amazing day.

    I made up for some things - I made all the stationery, table plan, favour boxes etc which made up for the £300 I went over budget on my dress. image
  • PenguinEm3PenguinEm3 Posts: 236
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling this way! We were originally thinking about 7k but actually budgeted 8-8.5k and even with really cutting the guest list and decorations etc I still can't get my (much more realistic with actual quotes now!) budget to less than 9k. I'm also struggling to save as at the moment my outgoings basically match my income - not good! I know it will be worth it in the end though and we have got options of cutting back even more if we have to. I just feel as though if we did we'd let down loads of our friends and family who wouldn't be able to share our day with us. So I am hoping the magic money fairy will help me save and maybe hint at the payrise boss for my H2B and me so we can hit our target, lol! Good luck to everyone saving and there are things you can do without money - we go for walks and just chill at home watching dvd's rather than going out so much image
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    Hi ladies, I feel for you all, we got married last oct, when we started planing we thought what do we need and what do we want and then did a list with rough costs, we gave ourselves over 18months to plan as we paid for all of it ourselves...our starting budget was £17K after the wedding we added it up, all the little things like the goody bags for the kids, little table things we did we ended up spending £22.5K, we had a fab do and so glad we did it our way but the money wow..we have gone into married life with no debt from the wedding as we paid cheque/on card fully paid off and it was the feeling of having it our way and the achievement of saving the whole thing ourselves. We were lucky we both have good jobs, but we did not have a social life for well over 2yrs.

    As soon as you say wedding they seem to double the price...keep at it ladies all the effort and money is worth it even if just for a day.
  • scrummie2bscrummie2b Posts: 266
    We are lucky that both sets of parents are helping us out, but we are still saving to pay for some things ourselves. We both agreed that we do not want to start married life in debt, and refuse to get loans or anything. We are being sensible and not going overboard, but looking to get good deals on what we want.

    Remember ladies your friends and families will love the day know matter how much you spend because if they are really your friends and close to you they will just be chuffed to bits that you are getting married and most people won't notice if the decorations etc etc are expensive or not .

    We feel we don't need to impress other people, we just want to be married.xx


  • Rachel_LouRachel_Lou Posts: 58
    I'm still in the really early stages of planning, so I haven't paid out any money yet.

    My initial thinking was that a healthy budget of 8-10k would give us an amazing day with everything I had ever wished for. How wrong could I be we're now looking at at least 14-15k and that really isn't going over the top either.

    I'm doing all diy stationary having minimal flowers and only 70 to sit down, also serving wedding cake as desert which will be a bargain M&S one image

    I'm hoping when it comes to shelling out the cash we can haggle and find some better deals, but I am still in shock at the sheer cost of everything!
  • SparklyD2BSparklyD2B Posts: 157
    Hello ladies,

    I suppose it just comes down to what's important to you. If you really want something, you'll pay for it and if you can afford it without getting in to debt, you should! It is always good to remember though that it's only one day and, unless it's amazingly different, no-one will remember what they ate or what colour the napkins were! Only you will. The question is, is it worth that extra £500?

    We are in the very early stages of planning but I can see how things can get out of control. We have decided on a small wedding with less than 35 guests in a 4* hotel (no transport costs!) with 110 people in the evening. The costs are looking to still be between £7.5 and £8.5k excluding the honeymoon. The evening reception works out at about £3k with the band too!

    I'm doing the flowers, I got 70% off my dress, we're only having one bridesmaid, one flower girl and just the best man, our friend is making the wedding rings, my auntie is calling in a favour for the cake, i'm designing the stationary and we are getting a £500 discount from the photographer! Even with all this, it's going to be £8.5k... owch! and I thought I was frugal!!!



  • Hey ladies, I know the feeling. we started originally at 8k and we have almost doubled it!! scary really as this is all for 1 day, but hey ho I only plan to do it once ( hopefully ) lol image

    we are trying to cut back on different things but dont want to look like we are skimping to our guests as the venue is so big and grand we dont want to serve them egg and chips!!

    I have made my own favours that look like I have spent a fair bit!! budget saved on my wedding invitations as the printers I have gone to have only just started doing invites so got a bargain as almost a guinee pig. 65p an invite and these are for 4 page cheque book styles, they are amazing.

    Good luck to all you brides and good luck with the penny saving

  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    I think it really helps to prioritise your budget. Figure out what is the one thing that means the most to you, and find savings elsewhere.

    For us, it was all about what would effect our guests the most: the food, drink and entertainment. So we have allocated about 80 per cent of our budget (8.5K) to those aspects of our reception, while finding bargains on the flowers, dress, transport, etc. etc.

    And everytime I add something to the budget, I always take it away from somewhere else in order to make sure I don't go overboard.
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    We originally budgeted about £15000 for everything but are now at about £17000 without a honeymoon, we're going to delay that for 6 months-a year after our wedding. When I hear some people's plan I don't understand how they've afforded it for their budget, they've done so well!! We've been so frugal and come under budget on loads of bits and managed to haggle etc and a lot of stuff we've not paid for as have roped in favours. We're not getting married 'til Aug 2012 and we've worked outI need to save £175 a month and my other half £325, I'm due some money next year and that's already been allocated to the pot as well. But in order to avoid a last minute panic I've decided to take on a second job in the summer hols. We also want to try and pay as much of our 9k venue/food bill before Jan when the VAT goes up as that will affect the cost of it.
  • We started off with my mum and dad saying they would give us 10k towards the cost of our wedding. Our priority was the reception and we pretty much blew the bulk of our budget (8.5k) on that. We have cut back on everything else (dress, bridesmaids, cake, cars etc).

    We are expecting our final spend to be about £13.5k but that is allowing us to have lots of little extras like fireworks, BBQ at night etc. I have been really strict though and so far, we have come either within or under budget for pretty much everything.
  • PenguinEm3PenguinEm3 Posts: 236
    Just wanted to say thanks to the brides who have given tips etc on how to cut costs and budget and good luck to all of us who are saving! Em x
  • col81col81 Posts: 47
    We set ourselves a budget of £10 000 and at the moment we're coming in at just under £9000 which is amazing. I set up a spreadsheet to show a breakdown of budget for each aspect of the wedding, right down to postage costs for invitations, then a column to show what we had actually spent. I've made my own invitiations, favours, orders of service, menu cards, place names and sourced card and favour things online, ebay is great for saving money! We've spent what we liked on my dress, photographer and our rings, our bridesmaids and best men are paying for their own outfits too which has saved us a lot of money. Bridesmaids dresses were in the sale at Debenhams £50 and I have bought their shoes (£12 per pair in New Look, couldn't believe it!!!) and I'm buying them a hair clip from Glitzy Secrets for their gift from me. Our venue is costing us £3500 and is close by so we don't need to put transport on or anything.

    My advice would be to set a realistic budget for each itemised thing for the wedding and aim to come under it where you can, that way you've got room to spend a little more on one thing where you saved on another! Good luck!!

  • Hey,

    Yes I'm feeling this!! Similar to other posts my outgoings at the moment pretty much match my income - I'm putting £200 a month into a wedding fund to save up as me and my fiance and paying for the whole thing but it's not enough!!

    Our budget it £6.5k and so far I've stuck to that in my planning/booking but I'm nto counting things I buy extra each month. For example I buy 2 decorations a month and am going to be making my own stationary/ place cards etc so haven't budgeted for that asd it'll just come out of my spare cash lol.

    We've come up with lots of cheap decorations though! Our whole family have been collecting jam jars for us and we now have around 300 and they will be dotted around with tea lights in them. Also the venue had jugs we could use for flowers and I'm making bunting out of samples of fabrics I like. Most fabric shops will give you a meter at a cut price as a sample!

    Goodluck everyone and just think it'll be worth it!! xx
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    i have written every single spend down to the last penny. My father helped us with some money and i wanted to match that but even with the savings i make, i am going over. at the moment, its only about £1.5k but it will probably be more. I have have a few more no's than i expected so it may even out although i would prefer to fill the gaps that save the money as we had to leave people off teh list cos we could not afford them all and really want as many to share our day as possible.. especially those who WANT to be there.

    i saved by making my own invites, using vista prit to make it cheaper (can't sa free as you end up paying for SOMETHING) however, i haven't included hen night and stag night costs as part of the weding cost. i have included all the outfits we are buying, transport etc. my sis is making cake, my friend has been given a budget to work with and create some floral displays and i am making my own centre pieces etc. i am trying to involve as many people in the wedding as poss as it saves them feeling they HAVE to buy us gifts as we really don't want any. Oh - and mil2b is making us our ring cushion (even though she has really bad arthritis in he hands and its painful for her to do so. i had forgotten when i initially asked her but she insisted she would still do it. to me, that is more precious that any gift we could receive. image )

    i spent more on my dress than i intended but had a sudden windfall and h2b insisted that it should go on that. he is normally a miser so i wasn't gonna wait or him to change his mind. lol

  • Yes! I'm in exactly the same boat! We originally planned to spend £10000 on everything, excluding the honeymoon, but now its crept up to about £12000! Luckily we had a bit of savings before hand and we're managing to pay a good chunk off each month, but it's still very expensive! More so than we'd planned! We've just decided to go with the flow and appreciate the cheaper deals if and when we come across them!
  • h4baineh4baine Posts: 70
    I am a wedding planner in Cambridgeshire and I wrote a special report about having your dream wedding on a budget. Just go to and sign up in the box on the front page and you'll get lots of money-saving tips!

  • NMG2BNMG2B Posts: 295
    I am tying my best to keep costs down, but even without going over the top and DIY-ing as much as possible our costs are creeping up. We are having to save a large sum every month which leaves no pennies to live on or play with!!

    My married friends advised me that although it is only 1 day, it is a lifetime of memories and well worth all the time, money and effort you put in to making your day special.

    I'm praying for a Lottery win!!

    N x
  • MrsmcsweeneyMrsmcsweeney Posts: 852
    Me too Im afraid!!! We made the mistake of not setting a budget and sticking to it. We ended up just paying for what we the time we got around to realising we should have stuck to the budget it was too late!!!

    We are really struggling at the min but we are both confident it will be worth it in the end..its worth doing without things now because I know by the time the wedding comes around we will appreciate it all the more.

    We still have about £6000 to find in the next 5 months..Im praying for a miracle! It was our choice to do things this way though, we are paying for everything ourselves and we know we won't regret it (just had to say that before the cries of 'don't get into debt for just one day' and 'you'll regret it after the wedding'. Just because other people have done this doesn't mean we will..if people don't know us they can't assume what we will and won't regret just because they or their friends/family regretted spending so much on just the one day')!
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    we would have been on track ourselves but h2b hurt his back in feb and hasn't worked much since. About a week every month is the most he has managed. he is self employed and usually a high earner but we are lucky that my earnings are just enough for us to live on. I always pay my bills as far ahead as poss so that has been a treamendous help but we have about £4k to pay with only two wages cheques left. H2b is back at work now though - full time so we are hoping that figure wil lbe considerably reduced by thte time it comes around to paying it.

    We are lucky in a way cos of so many people saying no that has enabled u sto save a small fortune but we are still waiting on loads of responses that may help us cut further but then we also have a minimum spend dictated by teh venue so can't afford to lose too many more guests. lol
  • I completely know how you feel. My stress levels are rising as the cost is and now we are only 4 weeks away the money is leaving my account thick and fact.

    I am getting married for the second time in four weeks. My last wedding was all singing all dancing and looking back got a bit out of hand money wise and guest wise with the input of parents on both sides and pre-conceived ideas of who should be invited (like long lost cousin Jeff who is twice removed - you get the idea)

    This time round we wanted to have a nice intimate affair with close family and friends for the daytime and then a big party in the evening. We budgeted for a couple of grand...I am now at £4K. I have been shocked by how much everything has cost, even when you are budgeting and so thought I would share some of my money saving tips with you.

    We have made all invites ourselves, plus order of service etc. We have made favour bags ourselves which include some chocolate foils hearts and a foil covered chocolate penguin. My uncle is making the cake (life saver) and my friend at Daisy Jane cakes (on Facebook: is making some very lovely and very affordable cup cakes for us.

    The best saving by far though has been my photographer Alan Rigg ( who has done us a deal for the day for £450.00. He has done a few shoots for people I know/brides I have met and he is highly recommended so I can't wait to see how the photos turn out. I know he will travel. I found him by recommendation so if you are in the same credit crunch situation we are give him a call.

    Just can't wait for the big day now then I can relax in Sorrento with some pizza and my lovely new husband image)) Happy times are coming if only this rain will stop
  • loopywooloopywoo Posts: 264

    We are exactly the same! We jsut got a bar quote and lighting/sound hire and they are way above what we had originally planned!

    Everything just seems to be creeping up (or jumping in some cases!) and I'm starting to get worried.

    It seems such a crazy amount to spend for just one day - especially as we want to buy a house as well and I'm wondering why we started down this path now - why didn't we just run off and get married secretly somewhere exotic?!
  • MazzimusMazzimus Posts: 88
    We are actually spending less than I originally thought! We are looking at £7.5k including honeymoon and spending money, so prob around £6k. Best money saving bits are:

    -We are having afternoon wedding so we only end up paying for one load of food (very important as we have 110 guests!)

    -Flowers - I made all the flowers myself using wooden roses (google them, they're gorgeous!) Cost £30 quid for everything we needed for bouquets and centrepieces.

    -Favours - these were made ourselves and ended up costing about 40p each.

    -Photographer - our BM's mum is a brilliant photographer who is just starting to go pro, so had kindly agreed to do our wedding for free, in return for using our pics in her portfolio.
  • just joined this site just now but have read all of the replies to this. me and h2b are saving money are on things like party favours(as nobody will remember them) doing flowers meself and not havin centrepieces.also getting married on a friday so it has made alot of things cheaper.hope you are all doing well on bugdeting!!
  • larley-boolarley-boo Posts: 29
    I've been really lucky so far because I'm having a really relaxed summer wedding with a little vintage twist, I can get away with having really kitsch little decorations for tables, etc and i've been really amazed at where I've saved money. I've also been comparing prices all over the place, haha!

    we've made some of our own reception decorations (bunting to go round the fence outside, I found some really cheap little vases in a charity shop which I'll be using to put the flowers for the tables in, and I've saved money by having my wedding at 2pm in the church, followed by a buffet in the reception hall, so it saves feeding people twice.)

    I can see where you're coming from, some days you think you've gone OTT, others you look at it from the point of view you're only going to do this once you might as well go all out. I've kept that one in check by just remembering that as long as me and my hubby to be are happy, that's all that matters. Oh, and remembering that you can't please everybody, so it's pointless to even try, lol. x x x image
  • Were in exactly the same situation! We got engaged a year go and decided to go for 2011 date so we had plenty of time to save... orginaly budget was £20k and now including honeymoon its close to £28k! If you had said to me a year ago I would have to save 28k in 20 months i would have laughed..! I do not know how we have done it... we've got about £5k to go and we get married in April..

    Our venue was the biggest chunk of our budget and obviously when you book it theres no going back so couldnt save on any costs there.. (even though I wouldnt in a million years it does make you think could we have chosen somewhee a little cheaper!)

    I guess eveything has just gone from there... certian things I wouldnt compromise on dress, photographer, flowers etc.. as these are really important to me... but cars, cake favour etc... dont really mind!

    9 months to go and I know I will look back and think I'm glad we spent what we spent as it will be such an amazing day... I would hate to look back and think oh I wish I had this or that for the sake of a £1k or £2k... when you put it in perspective its not that much! (remind me I said that when were a month to go and Im stressing! ha ha!)

    Hope you all have magical days...

  • peachyslimpeachyslim Posts: 21
    We started off with a budget for our wedding abroad for between 6 - 7K but it's crept up to around 8K + A lot of it is my fault for falling in love with an expensive dress image

    My Mum is giving us 1K towards it and I've taken on a bar job at weekends on top of my 9 - 5 job to save for the wedding. There is no way I'm going to borrow any money and get us into debt as we already have a mortgage. It's going to be hard work but I'm determined to have a fantastic day image
  • we are being really careful but are still going to end up with some debt after the wedding but we are both fine with this as we are only doing this once and want it to be perfect!!!

    here are some ways we saved money though:

    we started off making a list of things that are must haves and things we could live without or wouldnt mind spending less on.

    we made our invitations on vintage style luggage tags

    we are having the reception at my H2B house as thay have a huge barn we can use.

    my mother in law collected bone china vintage style cups and saucers, dinner plates, side plates and bowls from charity shops which worked out loads cheaper than hiring (70 sets for approx £100)

    we hired glasses from Morrisons Supermarket for free!!!

    we bought sweetie and personilised chocolate favours from e-bay.

    we bought all the alcohol by going around supermarkets searching for the best offers.

    i fell in love with a cake from choccywoccydoodah but it was going to cost £750 so my mum took a picture to her friend who said she could make the exact cake for £200!!!

    the lady who normally does the flowers in our church is doing the flowers and she was so flattered we asked she doing it for free!!

    the things we didnt want to scrimp on are:

    a live band- we are having a beatles tribute band as we are huge fans!!

    a fire work display- but we are also having a huge bonefire which is free as we are just burning everybodys rubbish image

    The honeymoon we wanted it to be special but to help we asked for contributions toward it as wedding gifts.

    My vivienne Westwood lady Dragon shoes!! image

    Kate xxx

  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    Our original plan was to spend 13k....get married in 47 days and have spent virtually yes, ever so slighty over budget image x x x
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