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Loving my lashes!!!

Hey Ladies

I just had to share with you...

If any of you are dithering about eyelash extensions - don't!!! THEY-ARE-FAB FAB FAB image

I had mine done on Monday (wanted to get used to them before the big day in August) and I absolutely love them!! Best 65 quid I have "borrowed" image from the budget. No mascara needed, just fab luscious lashes!!! Why oh why wasn't I born with these beauties??

Just had to share.

D image


  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    Thats cheap! I pay £90 for mine!

    they are one of gods many gifts to women!
  • Oooo i was thinking of having mine done too! I can get them done a week before the wedding and am hoping thats not too early as want them to stay on for the honeymoon x
  • Could you be so kind to post a photo? x x
  • MrsBrownukMrsBrownuk Posts: 132
    Davou! where did you get them done? I have a feeling you are based in London too....

    I'm trying to find someone decent to do mine after my previous disaster so would prefer a personal recommendation!
  • mrsgornallmrsgornall Posts: 507
    I've had mine done every 3/4 weeks since having a 'trial' back in December!! I love them and don't ever want to go without them! xx
  • MrsBrownukMrsBrownuk Posts: 132
    mcc81, are you based in London too by any chance? Any recommendations of places to go?!
  • chki22chki22 Posts: 1,076
    Oooooo I love them!! I had some done for my wedding, took a chance and got them done the day before, so natural looking, I got the hollywood lashes natural £50, I want to get them again!!! xxx
  • AJSuk1AJSuk1 Posts: 133
    Oh yes piccies please if you wouldn't mind!! I'm having mine done next week in Selfridges at the Blink bar (£60) ahead of my hen weekend and as a tester for the wedding in September. I'm thinking there'll be no going back from the positive comments i'm reading on here!!
  • Ooo, tell me more I am looking for super long lashes!

    I would love to see a before and after picture too!
  • Thanks Davou. I was considering trying them too and you've swayed me. Will be "borrowing" from elsewhere in the budget.image

    Those of you who have tried them, how long do they last?


  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Oooo ladies I can't post a pic, can't risk being found image

    Mooi, it was soooo cheap, cheapest I have found to date. She was recommended by my beauty therapist who was looking particularly fab on this day - because she had had them done herself - great advert!!

    I'm based in Horley in Surrey Mrs Brown so not too far from London. I would definately recommend her. I don't really wear that much make up usually - until I got engaged - now I am make-up central. Getting Mr Davou used to it so I don't look like a stranger walking down the aisle image I told her that I wanted to look like I had fab mascara on, not too much and she Interpreted my wishes perfectly.

    If Surrey is too far, a fellow BBB Mdme Greek Leek recommended someone in London who I was planning to visit initially. Let me know if you want the names and I will mail then to you.

    I love them, I am hooked!!

    J x
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    LOL I felt like such a phoney today. I went to the opticians to pick up some sun glasses and while the lady was fitting me she said, oooo don't you have lovely long eyelashes!!! I just said oh thanks imageimageimage Shhhhhhh!
  • MrsBrownukMrsBrownuk Posts: 132
    ooh yes if you could message me the names that would be fantastic! I've had a look and horley isn't too far, although would prefer someone in London so if you have the details of Mdme greek leek's lash person that'd be great. I have no idea how to search for threads on here!

    Thank you!

  • Coco2010ukCoco2010uk Posts: 857
    Hey ladies

    I used Mme Greek lash recommendation and was so pleased with my "trial". Im having them done 2 days before my wedding but they are so addictive and I know I will want them all the time!
  • MrsBrownukMrsBrownuk Posts: 132
    Coco, I'm so glad you like love lash! I have just booked in with her too, for next week, can't wait!!

    Did she listen to what you wanted etc? I've had a bit of a nightmare with lash extensions and the first place I went to didn't listen to me at all so now a bit wary about paying so much if I don't get the look I'm after!
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Hey Coco

    That's the one! I was all set to book an appointment as they are not far from work. The only reason I didn't is because this lady is round the corner from home image

    D x
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584

    hannah from love lash is who does mine too!
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584

    Hannah from Love lashes does mine too! image
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I'm desparately trying to get mine off....I like the look but hate having them do you wash your face and then wipe your eyes...??? You can't, it's driving me mad....tried to get them off with vasoline and ended up pulling some of my own out so now have patchy looking don't think my lady did a very good job though, and she didn't ask me what I wanted....can't risk it again now before the wedding but I'm told the semi-perm strip ones are really good too...mine are individual ones....too long, too curly and too black...look ace in photos though if you can cope with wiping your face clean with cotton wool as opposed to washing x
  • susie123uksusie123uk Posts: 259
    I really want mine doing too (another thing to add to the million and one things on the beauty treatment to do list...).

    Could you ladies recommend a type, eg. nouveau lashes, hollywood lashes etc? Can you wash normally with them etc etc?

    I just want fairly natural looking ones, well I want them long and lovely but not uber-massive spider leg things image
  • Coco2010ukCoco2010uk Posts: 857
    Hey MrsBrown

    I asked for a very very natural look as I don't wear much make up anyway and was scared I might look like Miss Piggy and they were perfect.

    I think baby oil removes them; I found that mine fell out from the outer edges last so I did not look too patchy.

    For a quick fix I like the Shu umera ones you can get done at one of the counters as they "fit" them to your eyes.
  • MrsBrownukMrsBrownuk Posts: 132
    Ok, so I made an appointment with Hannah at Love Lash for Saturday just gone, went along to her address (I'm assuming it's her flat)? and rung the answer!! Phoned her and emailed her to check I had the right time and address....still no answer!?

    Any one know if she's ok or has something happened??

    In the meantime can anyone recommend anyone else?! Davou thanks for the recommendation, but I just don't really have time to go to Horley at the moment, but will do so if I get desperate!
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Hey Mrs Brown, glad to hear you got sorted in the end.

    Well, I have just come back from a week in Turkey in boiling hot weather where we basically spent a week in the pool as it was too hot to move image I have spent a week being drowned by 2 children trying not to rub my eyes too much and they have lasted image

    Don't get me wrong quite a few fell out as they took a hard core battering but they still look great and I still haven't worn mascara yet - I am officially addicted to eyelash extensions image
  • mrsgornallmrsgornall Posts: 507
    mrsbrown - sorry only just looked at this thread again! No, im afraid I live in Wiltshire. If anyone out this way is looking for someone to do lashes, the girl who does mine is fantastic and I would most definately recommend her! xx
  • I have them too and they are amazing!!! They are soooo flattering and they make me feel a million dollars. Just do it girls! x
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