What have you spanked the cash on...?

Hey Ladies

What items have you really gone to town on? I cant help myself going over budget... I think its because we have 9 months to go still so I keep thinking oh we can have that we've still got time to save! We were very naughty on our honeymoon (going over budget by £800) and our wedding rings which were £600 over budget... but I guess were going to have life long memories of our honeymoon and we will wear our wedding rings for the rest of our lives... so money well spent! he he!

What things have you blown the budget on or what things are you desperate to have but are restricted by 'the budget!'... Who invented the word budget I hate it.... he he xxx


  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    Ooooo good topic...

    Photography 3k original 'budget' 1k

    Venue Dressing 1.5k small original budget

    Dress 1.8k original budget £800

    Pressies to each other 1.3k no original budget

    Evening food - buffet & Hogroast & more cupcakes & cheese boards & sweetie buffet

    Drinks 1k for toasts and wine at meal

    Bridesmaids 1.5k for 4...originally £800

    Extra sorbet course

    Hen & Stag do £900

    Hair & Make-up £525

    God so many things....honeymoon came in on budget and rings came in under...everything else over....started with 13k budget now nearly 30k...some overspend that is eh....only 7 weeks to go to see if it was all worth it image

  • NewcastleBeccaNewcastleBecca Posts: 1,450
    I had an idea of a lot of the costs before we set our budget, my cousin spent 8k on her wedding dress so anything after that was going to look like a bargain! (Mine is nowhere near that and believe me, I would have borrowed hers if I could!)

    Photography will be our main spend above budget - but we've reflected it by cutting elsewhere (not by as much though!)

    We've not counted rings and honeymoon in the budget.

  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    I convinced myself I could do it on £16k but I think we're at about £27.5k+ already with 7 months to go!!

    Budget isn't quite the word anymore - initial guestimate is what I should call it!! image

    When I talk to hubby about the wedding our standing joke is me saying "it's on the budget" which we both know means 'thought of it, wrote it on the list, added cost to the running total'.

    We have mainly overspent on stationary, floristry, a photobooth, a videographer, hen & stag WEEKENDS!! and a zillion personal details i.e. Personalised Dressing Gowns for me and my girls, hubby has booked a spa day for me and girls day before wedding, MyBeautifulGroom/Maid of Honour Journals, LUSH hen party goodie bags for 20 hen...so MANY details. Hope they all pull together!!
  • loubylou1ukloubylou1uk Posts: 231
    I have gone over budget on everything but I didn't have a clue how much things were going to be. My biggest splurge is my dress but it is worth every penny!!

    x x
  • Coco2010ukCoco2010uk Posts: 857
    Defo gone over budget on flowers, thought they would be cheap as I'm not really interested in flowers but I could not find a florist that did modern arrangements (which I prefer) so went with someone expensive. How can flowers cost so much??? image

    Honeymoon was over budget too but my dress, cake and BM's outfits were cheaper then expected.

  • Oh shoes. Oh the shoes. Totally I shall be wearing them again but they are just heaven and many!

  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    We didn't really set a budget, but we did write down some guideline figures to keep us in check!

    So far we've gone over the imaginary budget on:

    Venue (including food & drinks)







    In fact, that's quite worrying as they are the only things we've sorted out so far!!

    I'm dreading the dress and shoe shopping!

    Plus, we've 7 bridesmaids to kit out too!

    oopps! image
  • IBFunkyukIBFunkyuk Posts: 976
    Hi, we started with a good budget and after deciding on the venue which was £11800 all in but came with all the food, drink, table linen, knives,forks, DJ in the evening, plus some other things I can't remember. ~we went well over on my ring, we had a budget of £1200 for both but as we couldn't find a ring to fit rond my e ring we had to get it made and it cost £1200. we didn't have cars as I got redy at the venur so that saved us...oh we spent £600 on our cake but it was well worth it....see photo below....I would not change anything we did as it was the best day of my life and I love showing off the photo's...

  • Ooooo! Good thread. I've gone over budget on 2 items so far.....

    Dress - original budget £1,000. Actual - £2,400.

    Eeek! Oh well. I tried it on before I saw the price, loved it and had to get it after that. My CBM (and sister!) is making our bridesmaids dresses to compensate.

    Marquee - original budget £800. Actual - £2,500.

    Were going to have a lovely white classic marquee, but ended up with a giant hat/teepee type one. Hopefully (touch wood) it'll look lovely in the winter - it has a fire in the middle and low chill out seating.

    Keep them coming ladies!! xxxxxx
  • oh my word married sexyhipchic I love that cake. I really want a corpse bride/victor cake topper where did you get yours? x
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584

    It would be easier for me if the subject was what "havent" you blown the budget on!

    My H2B might have to get his suit from a charity shop if I carry on spending! I saved on my dress....I thought I wanted an £8k Elie Saab number but instead spent £3400 on a Pronovias frock....

    Plus - My work have 2 bentleys and a rolls royce as the company cars so my boss is kindly lnding me them for my big day so no costs on transport!
  • IBFunkyukIBFunkyuk Posts: 976
    Hi Terror Bride, thanks, I love our cake to and we still have it, it was a fake cake as it was hugely tall, we had 4 other cakes cut up to have in the evening. the cake topper was made for us by a lady at our local art shop. we are getting a case made for it.

    Try these:

  • sweetie_k1sweetie_k1 Posts: 380
    Ha what haven't we gone over budget on! Surprisingly our venue and food have come a little under budget which means we can add things like a sweetie buffet etc in the evening. We have also saved on transport as Director from my work is lending me his rare Jaguar XK-140 (Cruel Intentions car)

    The shoes were SERIOUSLY over budget but they are also my birthday present. image

    Cake was £100 over budget and stationery is coming to around £400 over budget, eek! I have a feeling there are things like rental costs that I haven't factored in...time will tell.
  • We didn't really set a budget but we certainly were not planning on spending half of what we have/ are.

    The biggest spend is our venue Goodwood House, you have to hire all the ground floor staterooms and it is NOT cheap... However after my H2B had seen it he would not look seriously at anywhere else and there are a lot of things included that we will not have to pay for now.

    The next biggest spend is the food - for the 3 course sit down meal (without drinks) it is £92 + VAT per person - the only thing I can say is that we know how good the food is at Goodwood and they will source all they can from the Goodwood Estate which is organic etc.
  • I am in the same boat as you ladies. Had an idea in my head of what i would be spending and its now doubled!

    I still get very excited for every discount I get for buying in Bulk though!

    Biggest overspend by far was our Marquee I want the works and so instead of costing about £6k its come in at £15k this includes full outdoor lighting laterns, carpets from field entrance to marquee, full wooden flooring, carpets, band stage, reveal and the most fabulous 5 * toilets so when i look at it like that its not so bad!?

    I too was shocked by flower costs I am so uncultured just had no idea bar buying the odd bunck of lillies from Waitrose occasionally!
  • EmmalampersEmmalampers Posts: 209
    My shoes. I orignally only budgeted £100, ended up spending £380 on a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

    They are worth it though. image
  • Loving all of your splurges ladies...! I kinda feel a little relived that you have all been naughty too and blown the budget! There are so many fab things these days you can have as 'extras' which I so desperatly want but the 'budget' wont allow! (poo poo!) Oh well 9 months to go... keep saving then I can keep spending! yey! Half of me thinks once we have saved for everything we have booked then I should just start saving for our life after the wedding (instead of having all the extras gospel choir, photo booth, led dance floor etc...) I change my mind everyday on what I feel like doing... he he think I should be asking my finace! ooops! But actually thinking about he whenever I say oooohh I really want.... xxx he says oh well hun if you really want it then book it, its our special day and were only doing it once..' i think he is the bad influence on me!! I have no control! ha ha ...

    Keep the splurges coming!!! xx
  • jojosmamanjojosmaman Posts: 499
    I over estimated our budget at 20k knowing we had 25k to spend so felt very pleased by having a a 5k contingency. That was until we soon hit nearer 30k not including dress (my mum bought it) or honeymoon (well, thats a holiday at the end of the day which we would have taken anyway!).

    So,looking back I can see we splashed on

    The band- 5k

    The photos- 3.2k

    The Drinks- 6.5k

    The Food- 7k

    But I came £220 under budget on the bridesmaids dresses and £180 under on the ushers outfit so that makes it ok... image

  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    £6k on drinks!!! wooooweeee! Did you supply your own or from the bar??
  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    Mrs V2-B

    I think you are very clever!

    If I would have thought about things for a bit longer before throwing myself head first into wedding planning, I would have:

    a) Researched prices first instead of taking 'averages' from a magazine listing!

    b) Added quite a contingency to each item in case of going overboard!

    That would have resulted in me staying within budget which in turn would keep h2b happy!

    Silly me - should have thought of that from the beginning!

  • jojosmamanjojosmaman Posts: 499
    Mooi- well we kind of had two wedding venues, our first one was free flowing good quality wine as it was only for 56 guests but that added to champagne and post ceremony mojitos in came to about 2.5k. Then in the eve we had a reception for 200 which meany another 2k on champagne and welcome drinks plus 4 bottles of wine on each table (20 tables) which was sancerre and Rioja so not the cheapest option for a five star hotel! But hey, We had the best day of our lives and as they say, you can't take it with you!

  • VintagezillaVintagezilla Posts: 293
    We're halfway through planning and although we thought we would sit down and budget...we didn't! Our photographer we had splashed out on and subsequently a relative offered to pay for the photographs for our wedding present - another photography snob here! Our venue and menu/wine etc I can see us going overboard on (our venue has various set menus with the top menu being double the price of the cheapest...but oh so tasty!) as we love food and love wine, and with having a small wedding we want to make sure everyone feels like they have had a really special day. Shoes I got cheap (No point in designer, I can barely walk in heels normally and you can't see them!) but will splash out on jewellery to match piece I already have (have an heirloom necklace to wear which I'm scared to handle nevermind wear!). Wedding rings we are not setting a budget as it is the one thing you are guaranteed to see every day and is constantly on show - I feel it is justified to splurge on those! And flowers will be ridiculously expensive and will smell gorgeous (must be scented!) and having said originally "not spending a lot on a cake, hell I'll just bake one" but have now seen a spectacular one in a magazine we'll just blow the budget on that. Mmmmm....cake....

    Wow that was long!!! And my ability to write coherent sentences has apparently evaded me today...oh well!!!
  • loopywooloopywoo Posts: 264
    Oh my goodness Mooi - are you me in disguise?!!

    Was it the Ellie Saab Caelum you thought you wanted? Me too! and I think we both ended up with Mistico in the end and both went to Harrods. How strange! - I'm not a stalker, honestly!

    As for the budget - I'm getting pretty good and blowing it out of the water too!

    The main culprits are:



    Dress (although H2B has no idea about that as mum is paying!)

    and a ridiculously expensive cake topper that I totally fell in love with. (which H2B also doesn't know about!)

    The first two were his idea though so I can't be blamed for those! image
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    Loopywoo - you serious are stalking me! hahaha

    I darent ask you anything else about your wedding incase its the exact same one as mine!

    jojo - If you bought the drinks for 200 in a 5* hotel - thats probably a bargain actually! Were supplying our own drinks and hope that will save some money.

    How I budgeted was picked what i wanted - found the price and then that was what went on the budget sheet. How can anyone expect you to budget stuff that you havent feel in love with yet! image)

    Unfortunately all the nice stuff I like is expensive but hey - You only do it once!!!

    OOh - and we saved £4k buy having our wedding on a bank holiday Sunday instead of Saturday - but we had to get married on a Sunday anyways as H2B is Jewish so that was a result!
  • Elvie_MElvie_M Posts: 267
    Mooi you are a genius,
    How I budgeted was picked what i wanted - found the price and then that was what went on the budget sheet. How can anyone expect you to budget stuff that you havent feel in love with yet! )

    That is exactly what I am going to say to my H2B tonight when he shouts at me for spending too much money today!

    Dressing the venue, before I got engaged I would have thought this was something grannies did on a weekend!!! image So really didn't think i'd need around 2k for that lol!!!

    (Also I tell him It's not my fault I didn't like the chairs and wanted to hire new ones in and then saw a sash for the chair that I NEEDED custom making image )

    Other than that the bm dresses overbudget, the cake, the shoes etc etc. YIKES! x
  • I feel sooo chuffed today... My dress has now come in so went to try it on and pay the balance... whilst I was there I saw a veil I loved... they gave it to me for 1/2 price! Wow I think this is the only item from the entire wedding which I've save on...! Yey I feel sooo chuffed! ha ha x
  • clairem1ukclairem1uk Posts: 58
    Ladies, I am so glad we are all in the same boat, we have went over budget in nearly every category, the total seems to be just growing and growing, entertainment has been a killer, a pianist for the ceremony, a swing singer for the drinks reception, pianist for during the meal, a caricaturist and magician for the kids, the singing waiters for after main course is served then wrapping up with a disco and a band! I have also went over budget with all food and drink, saev only on bridesmaid dresses as I bought them in America and my sister brought them home. Only 10 weeks 6 days to go and I really CAN'T spend any more!

    Good luck everyone xx
  • loudeeloudee Posts: 73
    So far I have only went over budget on photographer, can't see that lasting long! Have saved on my dress and cake. From the looks of the flower quotes i'm getting, will be going over budget on those too! Who knew flowers were so expensive!?
  • donnadoll1donnadoll1 Posts: 327
    My photographer was expensive but he's an award winner so I dont care! Photos are a lasting memory!

    Scared at how much everyone has spent/spending, Im in the wrong forum here!! image
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    I've gone over budget on many things, changed my mind on a few things too which has been costly.

    Changed venue recently, lost deposit from previous venue.

    Changed my mind about wedding dress, so now have an unwanted wedding dress to sell. Originally planned £1500, now spent £5000 in total (2 dresses).

    Changed my mind on my shoes. I bought a pair of Jimmy Choos took them back and came out the shop with 2 pairs for the price of original pair (struck lucky with sale).

    Flower bill should shrink, as new venue doesn't need that much.

    Grooms suit, way over budget!! He's gone to a tailors and that's cost over £2k.

    We really need to sit down and go through budget again, before we make any further decisions - canapes? what drinks package? videographer?

    Loving this thread image
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