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Cheap ways to keep guests happy during photos

Hi Brides,

My sister went to a wedding at the weekend, and she told me that during the time after the ceremony, while the photographs were being taken, they had an ice cream cart - so all the guests could help themselves to an ice cream and keep themselves mildly entertained.

I thought this was a great idea, but I'm sure its not cheap. But it got me thinking that I would like a little something to keep my guests happy and hopefully ease any possible boredom from standing around waiting.

Does anyone have any ideas of things that can be done without spending a fortune. I like the retro sweetie jars idea where guests could go and help theirselves to a bag of pick n mix, or something similar to this - so any suggestions/recommendations/ideas/stockist information would be greatly appreciated.



  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    My plan is not to have hours of photos in the first place!

    I'm not sure that sweets are particularly entertaining, although people might be hungry. How about some retro boardgames?
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    We're prob only having half hour of family photos etc, then we'll go off on our own for half hour for photos. At this point the guests will be having their welcome drinks etc anyway. We're having some giant garden games (e.g. giant jenga) throughout the day. We also like the sweety table idea, but are having it as an extra food table in the evening.
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    ps, I think people underestimate how much people enjoy catching up with people they've not seen in years. For example we prob have only one family thing a year on each side, and maybe every 5-6 years do both my mum & dad's sides get together. Time is spent chatting (my family are talkers!!) It does mean I'm trying to get a good DJ with lots of interaction who'll get the party started though!!!
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    I think we're going to buy board games that we used to play when we were younger, like screwball scramble, Ker-plunk, connect4 and bukaroo

    I personally wouldnt want to give them too much food in case they didnt eat their lunch!!! (especially if there was a sweetie table, the kids would definately raid it!)

  • rebeccak1983rebeccak1983 Posts: 191
    We had a sweetie bar that we made up ourselves for guests to pick at and there were canapes too, We also had a photo frame for people to sign and then we had made up a caption competition for people to do. We got 4 funny pictures of me and my husband and asked guest to come up with captions. The best caption would win a prize. Reading the entries during the wedding breakfast was hilarious and we've put all the completed sheets in our memory box
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980
    I looked into an ice cream cart for our wedding last month and it was £200 for 100 ice creams which I actually didn't think was too bad. I decided against it though because I though that the children there would end up getting covered in ice cream and it could upset the parents etc etc etc.

    I think it's nice for people to be able to catch up and chat during this time and don't think you need to worry about people being bored. Our guests seemed to have a lovely time chatting etc especially as the weather was lovely.

    We did have a sweetie table, large games and casino tables for the evening at our wedding though along with a live band etc. We got toys for the children at our wedding as table favours - kites, blow up guitars (which the adults including the bride loved in the evening) and things so they all played with these along with the bubbles etc that we'd had for the day.

    Mrs Bxx
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