Save the date Final Proof!

Woo I'm so excited!! I'm having my vintage postcards being made as we speak! Just have to share my silhouette design, its going to be printed on linen card stock (just like vintage post cards!see last pic) Just note there is the Lucky Luxe watermark in the background.

Example of finished card


  • shop1909shop1909 Posts: 446
  • shop1909shop1909 Posts: 446
  • aww i love them. do you mind me asking where you got them done?? xx
  • loudeeloudee Posts: 73
  • Oh they're gorgeous!! x
  • sweetie_k1sweetie_k1 Posts: 380
    They are from Lucky Luxe they are based in the US. So many pretty designs! Has anyone else done save the date cards?
  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    These are lovely and so orginal looking. Sometimes I think alot of things look the same for weddings it's so nice to see something a little different x I'd love receiving one of those x
  • chki22chki22 Posts: 1,076
    Oooooooo lovely!! They are beautiful! Theu have so much more choice in the Us don't they! Have my wedding details were from Etsy after a thread on here about Etsy finds! xx
  • Coco2010ukCoco2010uk Posts: 857
    Gorgeous, we did save the dates too. xx
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    wow, these are fab!
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Katie_B they are lovely. We did low budget save the dates - emails and texts I'm afraid, very effective. image

    I must say that I think your avatar is making me green...
  • jellybeans120jellybeans120 Posts: 2,002
    They are fab! I just posted my save the dates, also from US, spent hours searching!
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