Hair and Make Up artist recommendations - Staffs area

I'm getting married next June, and starting to plan a few things.

I would really appreciate any recommendations of Hair and Make up artists. I live 2 hours away from venue, so it's a bit difficult to source anyone local.

Thanks in advance for your help ladies x


  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    I'm getting married at The Ashes, Endon, Staffs, near to Stoke on Trent.

    Thanks Ickleminxster x
  • hannahheartshannahhearts Posts: 620
    Sorry Barnbride, I don't have any recommendations, but just wanted to say your venue looks lovely.

  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    Thanks HannahHearts, I really love the venue. The couple that own it are so helpful too. Which venue did you go for?

    BB x
  • hannahheartshannahhearts Posts: 620
    Totally different area and look - it's called Plas Glyn y Weddw in Gwynedd, North Wales

    Take the virual tour!
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    WOW!!! hh

    The location is beautiful, the building is stunning. What a staircase and gallery!

    So glad you've found such a beautiful venue, especially in picturesque Wales x
  • hannahheartshannahhearts Posts: 620
    Thanks for the venue love!

    When are you getting married Barnbride? My counter says 59 days! 25th September. hhx
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    Ooh 59 days, I'm excited for you!!

    My counter is now 317 days, getting married next June. We put our wedding back, as changed our minds on the wedding we were having. We've now changed venue, I've changed my dress and shoes, taken bridesmaid dresses back etc. Now starting again and trying to find good suppliers in the Staffs area. Photographer sorted and think I've found a florist so far x
  • hannahheartshannahhearts Posts: 620
    Sounds like it's going well. image
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    Hairdresser sorted!! Just need make up artist now, any recommendations? I know I could ask one of the MUAs at Mac, but their skin make up isn't as good as Laura Mercier.

  • ooh just had to post to say Im getting married at the Ashes too! In August next year! Im a bit behind you on suppliers so cant be much help, only sorted photographer so far but it sounds like you are getting on really well. Its an amazing place isnt it image
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    I have just squealed with excitement, my first venue twin!!

    It is the most AMAZING venue. I can't believe how helpful they are. Are you going to the Tasting session on 26th September?

    I only booked the Ashes a couple of weeks ago, but I'm so excited I can't wait to start planning.

    I have found a florist called John Preston Flowers in Ashbourne, got a consultation meeting in Sept. I've seen some of their work and I'm impressed. Another florist I'm going to try is The Topiary Tree (recommended by The Ashes).

    If you are on Facebook, The Ashes have their own page, with a discussion board which is really useful. Also lots of photos image
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I'm getting married in Stoke, using Lainy D for make-up and James White for hair (quite pricy though). I'm using David Austin Roses in Albrighton for flowers x
  • I know it is so exciting, i was beginning to think i was the only one getting married there after not finding anyone else!

    I had a look at the John Preston website, had not heard of them before but looks lovely.

    I am on the facebook group! I love looking at all the wedding pictures!

    Not going to the tasting in September (not invited!!) I think because our wedding is in the second half of next year we will be going to the next tasting. yum yum, the food all sounds amazing! image
  • Mrs Ashley 2B, is that a pic from a hair trial in your photo? It looks amazing image
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    pinkcupcakes - I think the next tasting session is February. It's free for the bride & groom, anyone else you wish to take it's £12.50 each.

    I'm so pleased I've found a venue twin!! keep in touch x
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