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Venue dressing help needed!

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping that you can help me! I'm having my reception at Oulton Hall, Leeds, and although the venue is gorgeous (pics below...) the main reception room, I feel could be better! Obviously once I've dressed it, and got chair covers on etc, it will be nice (hopefully), but what's really irritating me is the fire exit signs (again, pic below - bottom one) that sit above the top table! Any ideas how I could disguise these?

Thanks ladies xx


  • I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to cover those over - theres probably an H&S reason why they are there.
  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    I think it looks nice as it is!

    The chairs aren't too bad either, at least they match with the decor

    I don't think you'll be able to cover up the fire exit signs either

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