Brand NEW Constantina Wedding Dress For Sale - STUNNING!! With A Long Story!!!...

BUMPED!! Still haven't sold this beautiful dress! I have reduced the price to £1500, sensible offers welcome! Here's a link...

Hello there lovely ladies...

Well, here's an unbelievable story for you!! After my lovely wedding on the 11th June, my mum sent my dress away for specialist cleaner while I was sunning myself in the Maldives image We used the cleaners recommended by the dress shop who are a highly reputable company (thank goodness!)

My dress was the gorgeous Demi by Constantina, 100% ivory silk. Well... the label inside the dress said "100% polyester!"... to cut a long story short, the cleaners obviously treat it as though it was synthetic and sadly my beautiful SILK dress has been ruined image

I could have cried yesterday when they told me! I planned to keep my dress for sentimental value, even though I know I would probably never wear it again. To cut a long story a little short they are sending me my somewhat creased and dishevelled looking dress back to me. I don't think it's utterly destroyed but not great but I want to keep it all the same.

Constantina have accepted all responsibilty for their mistake (and what a HUGE mistake it was!). They have therefore replaced my dress with another brand new one. Of course I do not need this new dress so have chosen to sell it. It's too big for me for a start and just doesn't hold the memories!!

The dress is a size 14. I had the exact same dress taken in to a size 10-12 by a seamstress so you could definitely do the same! I believe it could also fit a size 16 too. It's the most amazing dress, I felt a million dollars in it!!

This dress has an RRP of £2150. I am looking for £1800. The dress is Brand New, unaltered, never even removed from the box! It's currently sat in the wedding dress shop (in York), until I go and pick it up.

If anyone is genuinely interested in purchasing this stunning dress, please email me at [email protected]

Below are some photo's of the dress. It is IVORY (not the grey shown on the manufacturers pics). It has beautiful intricate beading to the front, back and hip. It is a fishtail dress with huge train. Such an amazing, flattering and unusual dress. The pics of me are obviously in my dress, altered to a size 10-12. The one for sale is a brand new, size 14.

This dress is still on the Constantina website in the Latest Range...

Shell xxxx



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