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Wedding planners - worth the cost?

Hi all

I'm recently engaged and we're just starting to think about what we want our wedding to be like...

I wondered if anyone had any experience of using wedding planners?

I'm tempted both in terms of inspiration and organisation (I work really long hrs at work and already feeling overwhelmed by how much work there is in organising a wedding!) but also wondering whether the claim that planners can save you money is really true...

Any thoughts/experiences?

Thanks all

Vic x


  • h4baineh4baine Posts: 70
    I am a bride and wedding planner so I can speak a bit from both perspectives. For my wedding, even though I am a wedding planner I am using another planner at our destination. Why? Wedding planners save you money. It's a secret Brits haven't entirely discovered yet (I'm a Yankee so wedding planners are pretty standard to us). Seriously though, think about it. Pretend you are a planner, you are sending all this business to the suppliers that you work with, and to thank you they give your clients money off! At the moment I have photographers tossing in extras, some doing 10% off, I have a bridal shop that gives me 15% off, suppliers are more apt to negotiate prices with a planner because they know it can result in more business for them in the future. A wedding planner is an expense, but a good planner will save you enough money for it to be worthwhile. Not to mention, they facilitate your day and take away all that time of you sitting on Google looking for suppliers. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. I cover East Anglia and my website is If you are not in my area, I may be able to recommend someone for you so give me a shout!

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  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    My friend used one (she got married in france) and she was a god send. If I was having a bigger wedding i would of had a planner and I think with your work load, etc you will appreciate the pressure being taken away from you. I have heard that yes, the do save you money and time big time!
  • emms33emms33 Posts: 622
    I can't imagine handing over everything for my big day to someone else to deal with. All the little bits and the finding things on google have been what I've been enjoying most also my parents and the in-laws have enjoyed getting involved too with all the DIY projects on the go. I guess it's a personal thing, but even if I had the budget to allow for a planner I don't think I'd take one up.

    I think my comment is probably completely unhelpful to you but just wanted to say!!

    Good luck xx
  • h4baineh4baine Posts: 70
    Keep in mind: Planners don't always require a massive budget, I have a couple who wants to spend substantially less than 10k and we are so going to make it happen!
  • Hi, I started planning my own wedding, then accidentally met a wedding planner and have now hired her - only for the supplier sourcing, she's great. I still get to do all the trawling on the internet for ideas (if I want to) of how I want things to look (flower displays etc) but our planner arranges all our appointments, and all quotes go to her first. To begin with, this frustrated me as I was anxious to see prices, but then I realised she was then going back and forth on my behalf querying different costs and getting the price lowered. Unfortunately I had already booked a few things before I found our planner but she is going to see what she can do on these agreements. An example of what she has done for us; she has been able to get price of suits lowered form £75 each to £45 (saving us £150), finding a wonderful dress maker who will make each of my bridesmaid dresses exaclty how we want them (each BM will have a different dress but made out of same material) for under £100 per dress (ones I had been looking at in the shops were £170 each - saving us at least £280). She has also offered to take me to the wholesalers to buy the candles we want at trade price instead of paying 4 times as much through the florist. She has easily covered her fee, and lord knows what other surprises she has in store! I couldn't recommend one highly enough. Where are you based? I would be more than happy to pass on her details, she covers North East. It is most definatly money well spent.

    ps. sorry for massive post, just realised how long it is!
  • vickiplvickipl Posts: 2
    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for all your comments...we are based in the South East and looking at wedding venues in Kent/London.

    Emms33 - I know what you mean; I'm also enjoying the searching and finding things but am feeling a bit overwhelmed and just wonder whether getting an expert in might save us time & money.

    I think the trick has got to be finding the right person that allows you to enjoy the fun bits without taking over!

    Thanks all

    Vic x
  • Welshbride10Welshbride10 Posts: 161
    my friend is currently building her portfolio she is a wedding and event planner she is offering all her services for free at the minute.
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    bumping, to bet wholesalers
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