can i get rid of and have....

hi ladies i have had a bright idea*light comes on* LOL

I am going to cut my budget in half and have a fab honeymoon to New york!!!

well thats my plan.... here it is and i would like your help

we are getting married in 2012 i was going to have casino hire wedding video etc

here is my essential list can you check

venue Inc food 3 drinks per head





1 bm

suit hire

decorations- chair covers centre pieces balloon arch bows and swags entrance pillers(balloons)

hen and stag nights where we live

dress aletrations


H2B hotel room night before


flowers- me bm 2 friends Mil2b

i have already got shoes tiara wedding invites and place cards i am hoping it will work and then i can go on my dream trip to the states!!!!


  • Hiya im not having a photographer it costs so much and my h2b brother has a friend that has a great camra and his mum and my step dad all have great camras like profesinal ones so there going to do photos also we have decided to give the people at the wedding disposibal ones as it works out cheaper and they always seem better thats cut our cost down a bit aswell...

    Your really well organised lol.but yea i think thats it think it will work if you stick to it great to see how you actually get on good luck x
  • Im not having a photographer or wedding cars we are getting married in the afternoon and not having a sit down meal saved loads! image
  • Im not having bridesmaids they are only a hassle and a huge cost!
  • MrsRadcliffe1MrsRadcliffe1 Posts: 3,524
    You could try and cut it down more by having a cheaper photographer maybe a student? Who just wants work exp. Maybe your h2b could stay at best mans night before which would save cost of hotel?

    Family member make the cake?

    Also have you thought about gifts and favours? xx
  • yea were not having wedding cars either im goin in my mums car h2b goin in his lol coz he loves it haha..were gettin the cake from tescos for 30 pound...were not having a sit down meal just having a buffet at the reception in the evening.we get married in the afternoon aswell so its not to bad lol x
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    A couple of things you may have overlooked, costs of wedding license, your underwear, jewellery, hair and make-up and maybe buttonholes for groom and best man. You have plenty time to shop around and get the bargains. I don't know if it's possible to book your vendors just now to get the current vat charges.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    You can cut decorations hugely if do away with chair covers etc plus do you need a balloon arch and entrance sounds like arch is enough
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    bumping, to bet wholesalers
  • HI all here is the costing i have

    venue 2300 for sit down meal 45 adults 5 kids and 100 buffet room to marry and funstion room and drinks package.

    dress 400 left to pay i pay 40 per month maggie sottero

    photographer 310 i paid 200 deposit already he will shoot all day and i get copy right disk

    rings 100 i want plain 9ct gold H2B wants titatum 30 from hsammual

    1 5 yr old bm no more than 80

    suit hire i need 5 bm,groom,FOB,FOG and pageboy aprox 500 i think?

    decorations i have found a company that will do all chair covers all centre pieces table runners 100 favour bags bows and swags on top and cake table balloon arch seating plan 3 tier cake 10 disposable cameras guest book and pen scatter crystals 2 bay trees for entrance all for 750

    hen- a meal and i was thinking a BBQ or a night out locally

    stag- he loves paintballing so hes thinking of that and a night out

    dj- a friend said no more than 250??

    dress aletrations these are around 80 at the mo

    flowers- 150 for me bm button hole and 2 wrist corsages

    hair make up i was thinking around 180???

    i have got invites day & night inc RSVP's





    i think that just leaves things like underware and gifts i was thinking i may have a limo for all of us(me dad bm and 2 friends) cheaper than a wedding car???

    the venue is to be paid in stages 500 nov 10 500 nov 11 the rest apr 2012

    hope this explains and if you could have a look and make any comments plz plz help me i really want my trip to new york
  • get the flower girls dress from ebay - I bought mine off there -one was brand new with tags - should have been £75 but only paid £8!!! the other was used for a few hours (will get them cleaned) but only cost me £10 - both including postage!! Bargains!!!
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