How did you negotiate prices down?

Hi Ladies,

I've just started on this whole wedding planning malarky and am finding things sooooo expensive image

We've finally found a wedding venue we really like but it's just out of our price range image

I was hoping you all wouldn't mind sharing your negotiation tips with me here!


  • Go for out of season and not on a Saturday, that should reduce the prices a fair bit, and also compare the local competition and see if you can barter that way.
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    well we went for a Thursday in the middle of summer and got an amazing price. Thurs was already cheaper but my fiance just emailed and asked can we get a discount if we pay up front and they said yes. We got it for a mon-wed price. Believe it or not all you need to do is ask - you might as well! it worked for us!
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    Ask and you shall receive... I got my wedding cake from £575 to £275 by telling them that that was my budget and if they couldn't work with it someone else would.
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    Thanks ladies, I've tried. Said that compared to other venues we were looking at they were more expensive and asked what they could do for us.

    The woman came back and said they would not reduce food prices (most expensive part) and venue hire could be brought down by going for a weekday or out of season date...going for a Thursday instead of a Friday will only save us about £300. Seems like they're being stingy gits...
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    They're not being "stingy gits" - they know full well you'll pay whatever they ask for (plus lots of extras thrown in at the last minute).

    If you seriously want to negotiate prices down, you need to be the one calling the shots. Tell them exactly what you want and what the budget is and invite them to bid to host your wedding (in the events industry this is called a Request for Proposal - RFP). If you send this to around 50 venues you'll quickly get replies ranging from the extremely helpful to the damnright rude, allowing you to create a shortlist to visit.

    Otherwise, you'll need to grin and bear it.
  • Our's was halved by having it on a Monday (even though it was a bank holiday). However initially it was still too much and I had to turn them down but they rang back and had worked with my budget by reducing the venue, food and drinks price. Can you enquire what kind of food/drink they are serving as maybe you can bring the cost down for them? I.e. does everyone need champagne or could they just have Cava or *even better* bucks fizz? Food wise do you want a sit down meal or could you have a buffet/hog roast? Could you serve the cake as the desert?
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    Seriously, I have to agree with 09022010. Especially if you have shown you are keen. I would find somewhere else, personally, but if you have your heart set on it you have to be firm.

    You have to tell them what your budget is and what you want for it. If they say it's not possible, politely let them know that they have lost your business and go elsewhere. You have to remember that if they are this uncompromising with this at the very beginning of your wedding planning, how uncompromising will they be for other aspects of your day?

    I wouldn't be interested unless they show they are willing to help you out (assuming that what you are asking for is reasonable).
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    It depends on what it is really, like with my flowers i asked if there was any discount I could have and they gave me 5%, not much but better than nothing.

    I think you have to just not be afraid to be a bit cheeky afterall if you dont ask you dont get!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi hun

    We've not even booked ours yet, and i'm in the process of haggling at the minute. I've emailed various people saying, this is our budget, what can you do for it, etc and am just waiting for replies! xxx
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    bumping, to bet wholesalers
  • If you don't feel comfortable haggling, or find it's not working you could always try a wedding planner? I did and she's been great, and really cheap too. She has easily covered her cost in what she's saved us in just 2 months.
  • If you do go for a weekday to keep the venue costs down remember to use this as bartering tool with other suppliers - I did this and got upgraded for free on the photography package and the band threw in their disco and an extra set at no extra cost too. Good luck, x
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