I have 10k for

a wedding...am I being unrealistic?

I would like something small (60 guests) relaxed and chilled. I can't find venue that can cater for this amount of guest but not be through the roof on price. I am looking for either a nice pub/resturant that we could take over for the afternoon/ evening or boutique hotel in herts/ bed/ berk

or venue in the mountains (Italy/france)

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated...as I am getting so frustrated, searching searching and searching but not getting anywhere..... I can see why people hire wedding planners!


  • h4baineh4baine Posts: 70
    You can definitely do it. I am a wedding planner and I cover Bedfordshire so if you would like to chat visit my website for contact info: www.anaffairtorememberevents.co.uk. I specialise in saving couples money!
  • h4baineh4baine Posts: 70
    I also cover Herts and could probably travel to Berk
  • Lisar1980Lisar1980 Posts: 382
    Our budget is also 10k apart from my dress which my mum is kindly buying. I think you can def do it. My advice would be to get on the phone as the prices on the internet can always be bartered down. Have fun planning!

    Oh and I would recommend eBay for your little details like table petals or crystals. There are lots of bargains x
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    I think £10k is more than enough for what you are saying you want. My budget is £10K and we're looking at coming in well under that.
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    i'm doing my wedding for 120 day guests and 150 evening guests for £9,000 and that includes the honeymoon, its possible...
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    I'm having 60 for a 3 course sit down meal and I've done it for £5500 and that includes the dresses etc... definitely do-able!! Just don't mention the W word if you can help it!!
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    We have a 10k budget and are having a 3 course sit down meal for 60 people, sweetie bar, church wedding ect ect, completely achievable, ebay is your new friend and there are alot of things if you plan in advance that you can do yourself, im making my own table decorations and church decorations

    Good sites to use




    Happy hunting
  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    We've got an 8k budget and 200 guests! If you can find a venue that will let you do your own catering then you're onto a winner. Look on council websites for town hall hire etc. they are often gorgeous and not too pricey. x
  • My budget is also £10k and we're going for a really relaxed style of wedding too.

    Our reception venue is High Barn in Great Bardfield, Essex. They do great discounts on their standard packages if you want to see their websites: www.creativecoordination.co.uk/venue-for-hire.htm and also www.high-barn.com

    We're having a lovely BBQ and then a band during the evening. 65 day guests and another 45 in the evening. £10k will be enough image
  • sazitepesazitepe Posts: 61
    Ive budgeted £5000 and im coming in just under that. That includes a registry office wedding on a Saturday for 100 people and then a sit down buffet. Then a disco for 150. Including some drinks aswell. Thats will all the trimmings, flowers, everyone in wedding party, thats 7 people, outfits, cake etc the list goes on and on lol
  • biddersbidders Posts: 3
    thanks everyone for your replies.... I am on the hunt now..and nice to know to bargain down on prices...didn't think people done thisimage

  • We're doing it for £6K, that's for an amazing venue (Chester Zoo) and a custom made dress.

    We've done this through good budgeting and being prepared to think outsite the box - instead of having a formal wedding breakfast followed by a buffet we've gone for the cheaper option of afternoon tea and a BBQ. My dress is costing about half the average price of a wedding dress. We've gone for one big cheesecake rather than a teired wedding cake.

    The important thing is to priorities what is important to you and your fiance - don't have things just because they're expected.

    Also as you're in the London commuter belt you might find things are slightly more expensive; my H2B and I live in Surrey but as I'm from Cheshire originally we decided to get married up there and have saved a fair amount of money doing so. The zoo is costing us about the same as a fairly bog standard hotel package would in Surrey. If you and your guests are prepared to travel slightly further away then my advise would be to do so, as soon as you leave the home counties things will get cheaper!
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