Hen Do Tomorrow!!!

Cannot believe it is here!

We have had this booked since September and the time is here finally!

So Brighton I hope you are ready!!!!

x x x


  • jellybeans120jellybeans120 Posts: 2,002
    Where abouts you going? I live in Brighton so might be biased but it's fab!
  • Elvie_MElvie_M Posts: 267
    Pink Girl I have no idea lol!

    Eating here on the saturday:


    Any recommendations for bars on the saturday eve?

  • jellybeans120jellybeans120 Posts: 2,002
    Havana is so nice! I love it there! What sort of bars do you want? I'll have a think
  • Elvie_MElvie_M Posts: 267
    Trendy, nice bars, We aren't dressing up but I have a feeling the flashing veil is mandatory!

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