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If you haven't budgeted for a video.........

Hi Ladies,

My cousin got married last week and he said that if nothing else, we should get the day filmed. It goes by so fast and you just don't remember anything. He's not the first person to say this to me and it got me thinking. The cheapest videographer I can find charges about£500 for an average quality video. Family members filmed my cousins wedding and the picture quality was great but the sound was a bit naff. I've hunted high and low and have come across a little gadget that may interest some of you.

Get everyone in the family with a camera to bring it to the wedding and set up as many as possible to get the various angles. Before the big day, invest in a digital voice recorder. You can pick up good ones for about £30. They buy a lapel mic for your groom to wear - these are about £5 and plug straight into the recorder. The machines are tiny so can fit inside his pocket. One should be good enough to pick up both voices but you could always invest in a second one and find a flesh coloured lapel mic somewhere.

You can pick up decent video editing software for about £50. This allows you to lay music over the video so you could have songs as well as recordings of your vows, etc. I know it's a lot of work but it'll save you hundreds of pounds and you get to pick all the aspects of your video and even make more than one version. You also won't need to pay a videographer £30 extra because Auntie Betty wants one to show the ladies at her coffee morning!

I hope it's some food for thought for all of you who don't have the money for professional.

Gem x


  • Also if you have a apple mac or know any one that does they have iMovie (comes with the computer) so you can edit the clips on that, very simple to use!

    We got our video done professionally and so glad we did as I didn't remember any of the day! They have given me all the raw files too so Im going to have a go a creating our own wedding video! (on my mac)

    Great idea Gem 2011, there was a lady on here that got her friends to video their day and she edited it herself and done a brilliant job, I think she is now making a business of it!


  • Yep this is what we are doing, we need a video cam for our safari hOneymoon so we are buying one b4 wedding and hoping a certain uncle who used to work fpr the BBC will film us hehehehe he dnt know yet lol
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