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I am looking to shoot a couple of weddings for free to build onto my wedding portfolio. Willing to travel if expenses paid,Please contact me through & [email protected]

It does depend on the wedding e.g

I am looking for a traditional church

Reception that is at an attractive location

Ideally within the next 2 months as I hope to be taking paid assignments now/by then...


  • Darius,

    Grab a seperate wedding site or lose the dark nude images.

    It'll put people right off, also some of the images in your photo gallery are under exposed and the couple kissing need their skin smoothing. Also, a little boy pulling faces is ok, multiple images of them weakens your port.

    Nice work otherwise. Just passing on lessons learnt as you can certainly take a picture.
  • ALso forget free weddings, get google adwords and advertise yourself at £300, your emails won't stop coming in.
  • WedMeUpWedMeUp Posts: 31
    Thanks for the advice

    I am not happy with some of the images, rushed a little to get them up for advertising, am looking again at them.

    I hear you on the £300 thing, think that's a great idea...Going to do that now.

    Thanks very much.

  • Hi were getting married on the 27th of this month its only a registry office wedding but the reception is at a stunning village hall in the country side next to beautiful stone cottages and shops the back drops will look fab as its hills and fields for miles,

    let me no what you think thanks louise.
  • WedMeUpWedMeUp Posts: 31

    Sorry louise, I am unavailable on that date, sorry just getting back to you now..

  • WedMeUpWedMeUp Posts: 31
    I have 2 weddings secured. Anymore for any more, looking to do 3 maxomum so please email me details. Totally free offer for 1 more wedding
  • You have mail x
  • More building going on, still offering 1 more free wedding. Ideally October.

    PM/Reply Here

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