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Cheapish photographer in Hull


Can anyone reccommend a photographer in or around Hull?

Im on a tight budget of about £350 maximum and would like this price to include an album.

Thanks for your help.



  • Hello,

    I am from Hull myself although I live in Doncaster now and although I can't recommend a photographer from Hull, I am using one based in Elland nr Leeds.

    The company is called Red5

    We have been to meet them (its a couple) and they are amazing, lovely people and the photos are brilliant, very modern and relaxed rather than the stiff usual wedding photos.

    They will cover weddings within 100miles of their studio for no extra cost (Hull city centre is about 80 miles I think)

    They do a few different packages, we have gone for the cheapest which is £399 (£100 discount for a Thursday wedding) and we get 4 hours of photography and the photos on a disc with full copyright. If we want an album done later they will do that but we are going to go to Photobox and do one ourselves.

    I hope this helps

  • elkington1elkington1 Posts: 80
    hi i know someone who works around the area

    hope this helps.
  • project1pproject1p Posts: 14
    You can barter for a photographer. She is awarding wining!
  • Hi,

    You say you'd like an album as well for £350, but do you know how much photography albums actually cost? They're really not much less than £300, and that's the lower end ones!!! They tend to cost between £300 - £500! A good quality coffee table book would still be over £100. image

    Whilst you may get someone to shoot your wedding for £350, if you are expecting them to include an album as well, I don't know how you'd expect them to still be in business by the time of your wedding... The time you add up the cost of equipment, 5 different types of essential insurance, business running costs, accounts, then their wage etc, then if you're hiring a supplier that is clearly not making a profit, then that's a bit risky.

    If you just want a cheap & cheerful coffee table book or something like that, you can order these through companies like bobs books or Yo Photo for around £40, (although the print quality is not as good as the higher end ones) or perhaps make your own album after the wedding? Even if you do that, a 10x8 inch print from a pro lab is usually around £2 - £3 ish each, so times that by maybe 50 prints in an album and that's £100+ alone, without bringing the actual album in to the equation.

    So, it may be a better idea to find someone who can supply the high res files so that you can sort an album after the big day?

    Maybe guests could get you gift vouchers for one?

  • JanineEmmaJanineEmma Posts: 100
    We used, again a couple who are just starting out. I just paid them Travelling expenses and they were fab! We got the prints all printed out, own the copy right and they did a presentation of the prints to music in a gorgeous printed DVD presentation box. with all the photo's on a disc to. When we can afford it we will get an album made. There bases in bradford, but travelled to Cheshire for us xx
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