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Wedding Dresses from USA - money saver??

After a look at the wedding budget last night my h2b and I have a major panic at how much everything was costing. I'm considering getting a dress from America via the internet. What I'd like to do is settle on a dress that I like after trying it in a shop then find a dressmaker who would agree to measure me and then do any alterations once the dress arrives. Was wondering though would a dress maker steam the dress (or whatever it needs) to get it looking lovely for the big day - ie not all creased from the travelling!!! ?

I also thought about getting a relative in the states to order it and have it sent to them and then send it to me marked as a gift. Thought that if it was bought in the US by someone living in the US that would also help to keep costs down,

What do you all think? Is this actually going to save me money or is it going to be a lot of extra hassle? What are the hidden dangers? I've heard about import task, was wondering if my American relatives puchased it and sent it to me (marked gift) whether I would avoid this?

Please tell me I'm not the only one clutching at straws to save money??


  • blmerrittblmerritt Posts: 1

    I bought my dress from House of Brides in the US and it arrived last week (earlier than they said it would). VAT and tax came to about £40 and I'm really pleased with it. Yes it is a bit squashed, but I've hung it in the wardrobe (hidden from H2B) and hope like you that it will be great once I've taken it to a local tailor for fitting. Haven't done the costing on that bit yet!

    So I say go for it.
  • EilidhEilidh Posts: 83
    Wow, how much did you save in the end?
  • Just be a bit careful. My best friend got her bridesmaids dress from america and although she sent the correct measurements in it was a bit snug when it arrived.

    This site is very good for wedding dresses its where mine is coming from and you can try them on but they only have one shop / house place. But she is very professional and doesn't try and hard sell to you. She tells you if it looks wrong etc.

    Anyway I've rambled enough here is the website address.
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