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Im currently toying with the idea of a videographer if theres enough money left in the budget image

Has anyone got any recommendations for the north west? All the ones ive seen seem to be really cheesy.

Someone posted a link on here (i think) a while back stating that they were having second thoughts about having a videographer as they had found this company - but i cant for the life of me remember what they were called but the videos were amazing, completely different style, the one i remember was in a cathedral and you could hear them saying different part of their vows over the video. Sorry im not explaining it properly, i cant really remember as at the time we weren't even considering one I dont even know where this company are based, they may be to far away?

Can anyone help? Its so infuriating not being able to search.


  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Hey I have booked a guy called jeff wood, he does contemporary cinematography and by shooting with 2 stills camera can double as a photographer. His work has to be seen to be believed

    Have a look(copy and paste as dont know how to put links in)

    or google jeff wood visuals.

    I watched the weddings he did previously and they made me cry, we have chosen to just have a highlights clip and photographs.

    He is not cheap but he is amazing, let me know what you think
  • I'm having Ben from Kissingate, again not cheap but I've been paying it off monthly to soften the blow!

    Alot of ppl have said it's a waste and that I wouldn't watch it but I don't want to miss anything about the day and I imagine me watching it, in my dress day after day!
  • I had Jeff Wood Visuals too, he is amazing and would thoroughly recommend him (and he happened to live 5 mins from me which was a bonus!). I didnt think I would want a videographer but honestly, it was the best decision we made and we did go over our budget but he was well worth it, our dvd is unbelievable and I've watched it a zillion times!

    Here's a link to my trailer clip...
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Vickie it was your clip that made me contact jeff!! Found it on Rock my Wedding

    What a coincidence, totally loved your style and have shown my hairdresser your hair for inspiration.

  • Thankyou thankyou thankyou! It was Jeff woods, his videos are amazing! And hes based in manchester image

    Now just need to persuade my mum & dad who are paying and see if hes free.

    What package did everyone go for?

    Have booked a photographer already.

    Thankyou once again image

  • Im also using Ben from kissing gate (8 days to go!)
  • Mrsjk2b- ah bless you! You won't regret your choice of videographer, amazing and a really nice guy to boot!

    Mrshsmith- we had a basic videography package with trailer... Good luck!

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