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Hi All

We are starting to think about our wedding bands and as we are on a budget wondered if anyone knew of anywhere nice in leicestershire/birmingham that does nice wedding rings but that arent expensive.


  • You can buy some nice and cheap wedding dresses online.
  • I'm planning on trying some on, then getting the equivalent online - maybe on as that's where my h2b got my (gorgeous) e-ring from image

    one thing to bear in mind though, your wedding ring needs to be the same metal as your e-ring...especially with platinum, as a white gold ring would react to the platinum apparently image
  • also, if you're on a budget, for the man's wedding band you can consider cheaper metals like tungsten and palladium; my brother got his made in tungsten as its harder wearing and he does a lot of stuff with his hands....and it's also cheap, bonus image

    edited to say it was titanium my bro got his ring in...oops
  • We got ours online from wedding rings direct. They were really helpful and you can order sample rings to try on for weight, band width and size. They were cheaper than high street jewellers.
  • Tescos actually do wedding rings that are quite cheap x
  • Oooh it is exciting buying the rings!

    We've just come back from a holiday in Spain, we took a trip to Gibralter whilst we were there and got our wedding rings from a jewellers there that was well recommended to us, they weren't cheap but we did save a lot with it being duty free image

    My advice would be to buy the best you can afford because these rings are meant to last you a lifetime and I think are more important than your wedding dress and everything else we have to buy, have fun image
  • Have you thought about using tesco vouchers in goldsmiths - they're worth 4 times as much.
  • Hi cinders25

    I guess it depends how little your budget really is.

    We've just got ours from

    and the other half is really pleased with his - cost about £35 and is virtually identical to the platinum version we were originally going to get him costing £700! Mine is a plain titanium band about £28 quid I think, it's a slightly darker metal then my gorgeous engagement ring, but its a bargain and means I can now buy a new dress! They're both perfect fit and delivered quickly.
  • thanks all my engagement ring is 18k white gold i am going to get a the same for my wedding ring but oh isnt so fussed as long as it is nice, hes more worried because of his job is manual.
  • Hey! we've just come back from the Jewellery Quarter in Brimingham! bought our wedding bands and a new engagement ring :~) ... really helpful people! x
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    try the Birmingham Jewellry Quarter. I Bought a nice ring from there as a present and managed to hagle a bargain. There are so many places to choose from.
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702

    Definitely try the Jewellery quarter in Brum!!

    I dont know what your budget is but we saved quite a bit off high street prices (and got much better quality in my opinion) going to the JQ.

  • Also worth trying compton and woodhouse online, my h2b got my engagement ring from them, we took it to a jeweller to value it and its worth £1500 he paid a fraction of that, we are getting my wedding band from there. xx
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