hello ladies,

if you are planning on doing your flowers yourself i have found an amazing book and a website that is cheap as chips for supplies...

the book is Jane Packer's flower course (£20 from waterstones and you can get it within a week)

the website is advised by this book and it's...

have a look, there are a couple of other websites recommended in the book so if you want to have a look just PM me and i will let you know them =)

happy hunting



  • zoggy19.....thankyou thankyou thankyou!!

    i'm doing my own flowers....what an amazing website this is!

    Cant wait to get the book!

    What are you doing for your flowers?xx
  • zoggy19zoggy19 Posts: 58

    i'm not completely sure, i want roses (but H2B doesn't like the smell) so i was thinking there is a really nice flower arangement in there, that i might try my hand at lol...

    i would like calla lillies for my bouquet, but i can't make up my mind if it looks too (as bad as it may sound) funeralish...

    i'm making my BM bouquets out of daliahs, (haven't decided if i want silk or foam yet lol) but i'm going to get some blue dye and do the outer part of the petals with that.

    for my centre pieces i'm having round fishbowl's with a LED light in the middle, filling it up with water and having floating candles and flower patals.

    what about you? did you have any success getting the book? i work in waterstones so if you do have any troubles let me know and i can see what i can do for you =)

  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    Hi, I was just reading your post being nosey... I am a qualified florist and have done various styles of calla lily bouquets, they look amazing!! They are timeless flowers with such elegance. They are expensive (per stem) so bear this in mind when practicing. You won't be dissapointed xx
  • proxy10proxy10 Posts: 188
    Thank you very much for posting the link here!

  • singo44,

    How expensive are we looking at?

    and i'm glad to have been of service image

  • I had calla lillies and they were stunning. They last longer than roses too (so my florist told me). I had mine done professionally but have not stopped raving about them since. I used Vandella flowers in Carlisle. (I got married at Comlongon castle in Scotland).
  • hey jasminestormuk,

    how much did it cost you for them? and how long did they last?

    i've been looking around, i don't know if i want to get fake flowers so that they last all day and if i decide to keep them they will be a reminder for years to come...

  • I've ordered my wedding bouquet and my bridesmaid bouquet and the corsages/buttonholes from my florist. We are having calla lillies, roses and mini gerberas (all in ivory), i was originally told in a different florist that calla lillies cost about a fiver each.

    We are doing the church flowers ourselves, I am just buying ivory roses and gerberas but we've bought 5 artificial calla lillies, which are very realistic, some artificial flowers you can tell are fake where these you can not.
  • how much is it costing you for everything from your florist?

    and where did you get your lillies from?

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