Phillipa Lepley - how much?

Anyone know what sort of prices Phillipa Lepley dresses are?



  • Her prices have gone up a lot in the last couple of years. When I went last year they were at least £5000, some even £9000 +. They do put an awful lot of effort into crafting the dress though.
  • Expensive!Obviously everyone has a different budget. I fell in love with their baby Olivia dress and lace bolero, the total cost with veil was £11k! (The Chantilly lace veil woven on an 18th century loom was £2.5k! image )

    Stunning dresses and the girls at the shop were very knowledgeable and sweet, but I would perhaps check out when the next sample sale is!
  • Eeeep £11k!!!
  • Ha, my mum's face was priceless when she wrote the prices down. There was no way I could justify those prices, but the check out etc to see if there are any dresses available.
  • the one i liked was £6,500 ballet rose imageimage it does look gorgeous on the pics tho image
  • I'm thinking of selling my ballet rose maybe. I'm a size 10 and 5ft 4 but wore jimmy choo novas so the skirt is really quite long and could fit someone taller. It was a really big hit with everyone, hubby included!

    Anyway might be a bit more accessible than buying it new and saves going to all the fittings (I think I had 9!). Message me if you're interested x
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    Hi I love her dresses, we saw her at the Designer Wedding Show but her dresses are out of my price range image they start at £5000 but if you do have the budget the quality of her dresses were far superior compared to some of the other designer dresses I saw there x
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies xx
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    Hi there,

    I notice that you said you wore a baby olivia dress. I think it looks beautiful! If on the off chance that you are interested in selling the gown I would be interested in buying it from you. Many thanks
  • Hi there. Has anyone out there bought a sample phillipa dress before? trying to decide between sample and couture. would really like to hear from anyone who had their sample altered by the in house seamstresses and what their experience was like. thanks image
  • It depends on the quality of the sample dress. I bought a sample dress that was not very damaged, still expensive (4000) but seeing the quality of the silk tulle skirt and silk gown it really worth it. The original price for a new ballet rose dress from phillipa lepley was around 12k. 

    the lepley team did all the fittings so that the dress was shaped to my body.

    absolutely georgous dress that im actually selling because i really think it s a pitty that you just use it for few hours. Im a size 8 and 1m68 tall i wore louboutin shoes (9cm). Im not really interested in the price, i think the more important is that somebody else can also enjoy it

  • lilouche I would be interested in hearing more about the dress if you are still thinking of selling it?

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    Hi Alice

    the dresses are amazing.

    i have a phillipa lepley for sale - can send pics.


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